bitJob – Student Employment Program on Ethereum – ICO Starts Soon!

So after last suggestions you guys asked me to release info about ICOs even before they start and to list more of them, since its hard to find good ones. This time we have found something cool in the market of Student Employment. Have a read.

What is bitJob ?
bitjob ethereum token salebitJob will start as a platform with a hybrid phase during which students and their employeers will have ability to have transactions with both PayPal and STU tokens (native for the platform). There will also be incentives for earning a living with cryptocurrencies, and also giving a benefit of educating students worldwide to better understand the underlying technology.
This portal will help students to find jobs which normally they could overlook or wouldn’t know they can even apply for them. The decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace will revolutionize the way students make a living and gain occupational experience while still studying, letting students specialize in jobs relevant to their chosen professions and make a decent living throughout their school career, and will also help employers to find people for smaller tasks needed faster and with better efficiency. The bitJob marketplace is mostly targeting the segment of students that seek part-time jobs, offering any student with free time an opportunity to earn both money and experience using the famous technology of blockchain.

Why to Invest ?
For starters students employment is a huge market, just look how big student loans are. But this would possibly stop the loans since students could find jobs for their free time, the idea is a killer. Notice that initially, it won’t operate only with STU Ethereum tokens but also the most popular system for small transactions – Paypal.
During pre-ICO company already got 3780 ETH and their partners include the Government of the Netherlands, Blockchain Education Network, University of Florida Bitcoin Club, Cyprus International Institute of Management, Blockchain Association of Canada and the Israeli Students Association. CMO of the project said “Our pre-sale stage went above our expectations! We are thankful and proud to announce, that bitJob can now continue concentrating on the beta version, as well as adding other partnerships, globally. I call every student out there to join our movement, as the bitJob worldwide community growing rapidly and so far more than 10 worldwide bitJob communities support our vision. So Join the movement, be the moment! Back bitJob now!”

How to Buy bitJob Tokens ?
The ICO is on Ethereum so you will need a wallet that you control private keys of – Mew, Metamask etc.
Then at September 12th, 5:00 PM (UTC) go to their website and join the Token Sale.
Price Rate: 1 ETH = 888 STU.
1 STU = 0.25 USD.
Tier 1 will be 20% bonus,
Tier 2 will be 10% bonus,
Tier 3 will be 0% bonus.
So speaking shortly – try to be online on time to get best bonuses.

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