How to Setup Gridseed Dual Asic Miner on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux – Review of Gridseed

I remember that when few months back companies said about LTC asics loads of “FPGA specialists” said they cannot be built and were dissing others mentioning existance of such hardware. Later on, without any advertisment Gridseed put up their dual miner for sale in China and then it went to the world and the machine became a fact not a myth. Yet many people are still affraid of using those or have installation problems. Here is my review of the machines and guide on how to setup Gridseed Asic Miner.

Gridseed vs GPU Cards

Main thing – even tho you can mine both LTC and BTC same time [or any other scrypt vs sha coins], this machine actually should work in scrypt only mode. That was its easiest to get your cash back from it, so i will eb speaking of this aspect only. So if we compare GPU vs Gridseed who wins? Of course Gridseed! They are smaller, cheaper, silent and take just.. 7W max of electricity!
Tehy are also way more stabile than cards, i hardly see any problems with them. On normal mode 1 Gridseed Dual Asic Miner machine is around 300-350 KH/s but peopel tweak them to even 400-450 KH/s per machine.
Without overclocking [that kills your warranty!] you should expect 300khs+ stabile. Here is screen of my 9 working machines:
Gridseed mining Litecoin

How to Install/Setup Gridseeds

I saw many threads with infos on how to do this and i found most too time consumable. Sure you can overclock a bit and change some specs, but for me time is more important and i didnt even see single person saying this scrypt miner can be installed the way i do it. Here i will say how to setup Dual Miner on Windows with cgminer – but this will work same way on other system like OSX or Linux.
1. Get machines working – you may need to twist a bit metal parts so USB can fit [see pic below] but other than that there should be no problems. Photo is dark you you can notice few are twiste on top of USB cable.
gridseed dual miner usb cable
2. Connect everything to USB Hub and connect it to computer. Now take Zadig tool, choose ‘all devices’ and choose 1 of our new COM Port machines and click install driver. Now cgminer will know what is connected are miners to get us LTCs and other coins 😉
3. Download this version of cgminer, creat start.bat file and put there: –gridseed-freq 6D9426984857=988,6D9656774857=975,6D8956965251=975 – notice you can swap this freqs to tweak the machine.
4. Now you can either do run it and always run cgminer for Gridseed this way changing freqs if you want or when it runs click- s,w,enter and now you will cgminer.conf saved and will eb able to run cgminer just double clicking it – then you can edit the file, put more pools, API etc.
5. Now the tricky part. Cgminer wont always recognize all your miners. So lets say you hav HUB of 10, you connect to computer or computer restarts. Try to Open/close cgminer till it ‘sees’ at least 4-5. After that look at the HUB and see where blue lights work – this ones are connected and mining. The others you have to take out USB cable, and plug it in again till Windows/Mac/Linux recognizes them. Usually takes 2 tries per miner. Below photo of HUB with all miners working:
Multiport for scrypt mining
6. Thats it, you have fully working setup and can mine LTC or other scrypt alts without slighest issue.

Where to buy Gridseeds?

The way company works is they dont sell directly worldwide, there is few official resellers/partners of them that are allowed to sell it to the rest of the world. While some have better or worse opinion my personally suggestion [especially for peopel from USA/Canada] is GAWMiners. This guys have best prices, product in house [you can even pick it if you live close] and really good reputation with 100% customer satisfaction. Gridseeds Asics offer of GAWMiners can be found directly at:

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