Luna Celsius Voyager dead? Spots to still get lending APY

As you all know Celsius Voyager Luna and many others stopped paying APY or even money. Here is a list of some less known places that (for now) look secure and will still make you cash on deposits for lending. 

Coinex – exchange connected to huge BTC pool. No KYC needed.

Freebitcoin – get free BTC every hour (really) but also lock money for profits. No documents needed.

Bybit – launchpools, launchpads and lending. Good stuff.

Hotbit – ETFs, launchpads, lending. No KYC.

Bitforex – loads of lend options, no documents needed.

AscendeX – old Bitmax, easy ASD staking exchange wallets

Kalmy – decentralized dapp on Binance Smart Chain, pays up to 13%.

PancakeSwap – all on Binance Smart Chain, pays on sick pairs good money

FUK YT – our YT, often airdrop news for free money, subscribe


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