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More NOTCOIN alike airdrops and games on Telegram

If you listened to our previous post you could have made between 200 USD and even 1000 USD just by playing Notcoin on Telegram. Here is some choen by us other gaming finance apps on Telegram that will pay.

Get Telegram App to earn free cryptocurrency

Its an app for iOS and Android to talk. But it has more options. Get it (phone number needed) before reading rest of this post or clicking links.

Clicking apps to join and earn free money

All of those are verified by us, they need invites and invites give bonuses. On telegram dont try to skip “reflinks” as you wont join or dont get a bonus. So open this site on phone and click one by one to join.

All work the same – click daily tasks, click on things to get coins, do the bonus jobs. Simple, just click trough them.

onChain – app from OKX exchange (click here to make an account)

YesCoin – after success of Notcoin they made Yescoin. You have to track coins with your finger not just click.

CEXP – from oldschool exchange. Not only click to earn but also click farm button.

Catizen – this is not clicking but a game where you breed cats.

MemeFi – clicker with a twist where you kill memes

WaterMelon – russian watermelon clicker already on TON network

WormFare – slap the worm, had some presale

ALl of those we bet will be good, maybe not as good as NOTCOIN that we told you about first but still free cryptocurrency or free bitcoin will be made with this apps.

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