Cryptocurrencies to Invest in Right Now

Every day there is loads of new altcoins coming out. You can invest in them 2 days – mine them right away or buy at smaller exchanges for cheap prices. Right now theres only 1 mayor spot – Cryptsy. Until a coin gets listed there, its life doesnt matter much. So what you need to do is choose right coins before they get on Cryptsy – and then monetize for sometimes even 200-500% right away the other preety big crypto exchange is Bter – either of those if get the coin it raises madly.

Here is ones i`ve choosen to invest right now from new altcoins. This post was supposed to be up yesterday but i was too busy doing other things, if it was.. there would be MEOW and VERTcoin here in the list – but they already hit the exchange and are soaring. So here is my upcoming bets.

KDC – Klondike Coin, one of the coolest startups with lots of extras coming from devs who really care of the coin. Good thing is.. Theres no premine. Its preety hard to mine but cheap to buy at Coinmarket and Coinedup.
NOBL – NobleCoin huge community, many sites using the coin already – it will surely jump trought the roof soon. Easy to mine and cheap to buy at the same markets as mentioned before.
DGB – DigiByte Coin, premined but with giveaways, has huge community – easy to mine and cheap to buy. Theres no way it wont be listed soon.
CON – Coino Coin, very fast, already not easy to mine and not super cheap. Id say it may get same moment as other 3 into the markets.
MRS – Mars Coin – claims to donate its premine to ALready has big hype and is stil leasy to mine.
PMC – Premine Coin, this is unique concept. Its already traded at few small spots, its fully premined but also – it fully goes to giveaways. So just post in their topic and you will get some. It may hit markets or may not, but you wont spend a dime on it so you risk nothing.


The other types of coins good for investemtn are ones, that are already established but still didnt get their top price. Some of them are still not on Bter. The ones i choose to buy with todays pricing are:

HBN – HoboNickels – 2% stake every 10 days [so for keeping them], available on all exchanges, rising alot.
FST – FastCoin, as title says, made as a real fast payment coin, currenly price is cheap compared to its average.
WDC – WorldCoin, has devs really working for the coin, they have really big plans but it seems this is for long term investment. Im holding decent amount.
STR – StartCoin, lately added to Cryptsy, had big price jumps and now lowered. Seems right time to buy in and wait.

So that would be our first post. Login to exchanges and invest either for short term sales [ie +40% uprise] or to keep for longer time and monetize at who knows what.

Helped you? Donations for the post are open:
CON – UUdgngogUpiG9ps1bRdxNXqtUttV8YzSc9
DGB – DE29jZ2KxK4yopnHUSRdX53P4HCfA7nprW
HBN – EqUntBMaJmzkCPijR5XjmgVGRbP2G8eYCw
KDC – KvdhEg215NKXcGsFMK16iAEPi9qKnaRdtV
LTC – LXZsSzX6Q5T4CXdLGFpSdsensyyBJJuBe7
MRS – MRsEfZqma5qeebrtPPT3yFHU9wH9JXpNbz
WDC – WagNugnraFKBAAVhKN8wrJ3QiLY1SUk6ui

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