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Best Free Cryptocurrency Airdrops for February 2022

We will start new section on the blog where we share monthly airdrops since there is so many. Of course some may be outdated as we post them daily on YT, SUBSCRIBE TO CHANNEL NOW TO BE 100% SURE TO GET ON TIME FOR FREE CRYPTO AIRDROPS –

Anyways, lets start with a list of links. Those are on Ethereum, Binance smart chain, Cosmos ATOM or LUNA. If you never had coins of those staked, you may not have anything here. Still try or at least get those coins from NO DOCUMENTS NEEDED CRYPTO EXCHANGES LIST and stake for future airdrops.

Sometimes to get all of the the free cryptocurrency token airdrop you need to do tasks like stake, vote on governance etc. All in the links.

  • LikeCoin Free airdrop- COSMOS, 
  • ValkyeieProtocol AIrdrop Link – LUNA
  • LUM Network free coins – LUNA
  • Chihuahua Tokens airdrop – LUNA
  • Stargaze Coin Drop – ATOM COSMOS
  • Desmos Network airdrop – COSMOS
  • Nomic Airdrop – COSMOS ATOM
  • Mirror Stocks Protocol – LUNA
  • Animal Farm – staking on BNB



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