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Crypto Income Guide 2018 Ver. 1 is Live and Free to Download

Finally we again have free ebook to make money with cryptocurrency with unique stuff for bitcoin pros and bitcoin newcomers to read and learn from.

What You Will NOT Find Inside
– How to buy BTC/Crypto, this you need to learn before reading this book
– How to install and secure wallets, this you need to learn before reading this book
– How to install servers, this is NOT needed for this methods and tips
– How to compile wallets, this is NOT needed for this methods and tips

What This Ebook is NOT About
Im sure many smart guys will try to predict whats inside before they read so here is whats not there so you can mark those off your lists:
– making money from referrals
– lending cryptos
– installing masternodes
– running proof of stake wallets
– mining of any PoW algo
– using betting or casino sites
– investing into ICOs

Whats Inside ?
I have tested this with oldschoolers and newbies, the content is easy for both and both parties can find something useful. Nobody has all the info of the world and i`m sure there are more things I don’t know of but this methods are a good start, they work 100% and anyone can do them. You just need to have initial crypto and at least base understanding of how to install wallet or use exchanges. No tech skills or trading skills needed at all.

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