Intelligent Trading Technologies Sale – Let AI Bots Help You Do Perfect Trades

Lately loads of people ask me about trading help and giving tips. Luckily i found this little gem – ITT, a system fo bots that will tell you when to buy and sell. Lets have a look on this.

How To Trade Crypto ?
Obiously by buying lower and selling higher. But how to spot that? You can read news 24/7, check charts, draw lines, use Fundamental Analysis (FA), Technical Analysis (TA), Ichimoku, Trend Lines, Candles and all of this. But this needs a learning curve and to actually be a good day trader you need to.. sit all time and watch markets. And there is so many of them – over 888 coins just on CoinMarketCap. SO you can trade manually, set stop orders or use bots. Nothing else than this 3 options is left.

What is ITT ?
Intelligent Trading Technologies Ethereum ERC20 TokenITT is an artificial intelligence-powered trading assistant for the crypto markets. The Platform pairs traditional market trading concepts with AI pattern recognition and machine learning capabilities. This way the bots continuously scan, analyze, and interpret the massive amount of information available on the token moves in price.
Its a platform where you can setup bots, use existing ones and customize everything to your preferences.
ITT will monitor all of the relevant information, 24/7, on your behalf and automatically author a strategy, and give you the commands to execute (ie tell when to buy and sell). Their upcoming intelligent bot will be capable of self-programming and be reprogramming to match changes in the market, adjusting indicator weights, and allow continuous optimization as an agent motivated solely on maximizing the trader’s hourly rate of return. The beta of product already exists.
Speaking shortly if you are pro trader or a newbie – it will help you to see stuff you would surely miss yourself. But you will be deciding if you want to do the trade or not.

How To Buy Intelligent Trading Technologies Tokens ?
The ICO is ending within short period of time and is made on Ethereum network. To be able to buy into this presale you have to use Ethereum and an adress you own private keys off – so do not send from exchanges, but your own wallets. There will be 21,000,000 Tokens created and 75% available during the Token Sale.
After you are ready go to THEIR WEBSITE and buy some tokens.

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