Snip Crowdsale, Short News Censorship-Resistant Platform

Another interesting ICO starting right now. This time they want to put content on blockchain but also keep it short, without click-baits. Have a look

Current Web Problems ?
Everywhere (outside twitter) what matters is a clickable header (click baits) and long texts because authors are paid per word, ads on Google Adsense show up only on walls of texts and such. This makes web hard to browse, articles hard to read and us wasting loads of time. Funny to mention, this blog was actually also made to fight with long articles that can be summarized in 1 sentence. We have always kept everything short and let charts speak later about our predictions. The most famous series in 2013-2014 here was predictions of 4 coins to pump with max 2 sentence explanation. And hell.. it worked. So yes we fully feel the problem of too long articles that waste time instead of giving bullet points. This is what Snip wants to fix!

What is Snip ?
We have explained the problem above but now let’s have a closer look. Snip 2.0 is a new type of news platform that is decentralized and powered by the community.
Anyone can write here a short news story about any topic and get rewarded with SnipCoins according to readers feedback. Readers can find content that matters to them in a personalized news feed, powered by advanced open-source algorithms. Imagine kind of RSS on blockchain where actually whole feed is articles already not just summaries or titles. Advertisers can pay with SnipCoins to put ads, Readers can use SnipCOins to have AdFree website, Writers will earn tokens when people like what they are writing.
You see we said Snip 2.0 right? Yes, this product was already tested and used to work. Snip 1.0 was a paid content business, where Ran Reichman, the CEO, would summarize content from news, science, culture and reached over 1,000 paying subscribers that wanted more content covered. Then came idea to open it to a community of writers, and reward them with a native token.

How to Join Crowdsale ?
As usual this days this is an Ethereum token which as partner has AdEX an ICO targetting getting advertisers on decentralized websites. Which look hot already. The ICO is on Ethereum so you will need a wallet that you control private keys of – Mew, Metamask etc.
Now you can register for the Crowdsale HERE and wait for it since start is at 12 days so you have enough time to prepare.

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