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OKB of Okex

Analysis of OKB Value Spike

Lately, everyone sets eyes on exchange tokens, especially OKB, the utility token of OKEx because of the amazingly high profits it brings to holders and its recent leap in ranks. While Huobi announced their new buy-back & burn policy last weekend, OKEx has already released the 7th buy-back and burn report this Monday. Let us compare the several exchange tokens and understand what makes OKB special and the reasons of its jump in price.

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cryptocurrency taxes

Crypto Taxes: All you need to know

Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular and influential every day. However, even with more investors taking a chance on new cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple, many are still confused about how they should treat their assets for federal income tax purposes. The IRS only issued guidance on this topic in 2014. What is clear is that cryptocurrencies are treated as capital assets as long as they are not converted into cash. This means that the capital gains regulations are

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