Get MEME coin, NFTs and airdrops for free

We didnt post for some time but today is a bomb. A lot of free things – MEME coin, NFTs and being eligible to get free tokens as airdrops on many networks like ZkSync, Ethereum, Scroll, Polygon and more.

Free MEME coin without prior investing

Meme had a presale, it was very hard to get it and it seems it will pay off good to those who managed to be there. But there is 2 ways to get free MEME.

  1. Get on Binance enter launchpool and stake FUSDT BNB or TUSD. You will get free MEME this way for next days (if you dont have the coins, buy them and stake).
  2.  Using twitter (follow me if you like first – ) do the tasks here – you will get some without single investment.

Worth to note binance launchools often make 5-20% so its still worth to move some USD there or get BNB.

Free NFTs with possible airdrops on chains
  1. Login with Metamask (it needs to have Ethereum on some chains) to and MINT on optimism with bridge to Scroll
  2.  Get to also with Metamask but some funds on Zksync, mint 5 NTFs and bridge them.

Metamask is browser addon wallet, free and good.

If you want to get funds between networks and dont know how just use Binance, buy ETH and  choose network on withdrawal

If you know how to swap on chains, use OwlTo to swap between.

mint free nft on optimism network and bridge to scroll



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