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We are a team of oldschool crypto enthusiasts and analysts. We share first hand information that we think might might important.
The blog started in 2013 and since then raised to over 15 000 email readers. We try to not post more than once a week, often even just once a month but when we do its always something good (at least thats what we think). People on mailing list always get info about new posts + some extra information that cannot be found on website.

Why do we use a “funny” acronym for name of the site? To show financial information doesnt have to be puffed up while still can give you proper information in short and easy to read form. This is what is missing on other sites that try to make long texts full of words while their info could be written as 1-2 sentences. We respect our time and respect yours.

Articles on this website is for informational purposes only. They should not be considered legal or financial advice of any type. Before buying or selling anything you should always consult decisions with professionals to determine what may be the best for you. Cryptocurrency is a volatile market and is a subject to possible huge losses and/or gains.

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