July 2014 Report – What Coins to Mine and Invest in right now!

Since this posts are most popular i will keep doing at least every month a report about what to mine/buy. To remind – im planning to share coins that are not mainstram enough – so you can still enter and profit. To speed up the process i mjust putting 1-2 sentences about the coin so you understand its main advantage/concept. I hate all the long posts which could be shortened to 5 sentences so you wont find that on this blog. Time is money!

Other important thign to jump at: Cryptsy started Fiat [USD] trading today – register there ASAP since it will be biggest USD/Altcoin exchange. Coins that are listed in USD pairs will jump for sure. And there is one more opportunity to make cash on this but that is shared only to mailing list (yes mailing list ALWAYS gets more infos than listed here).

Cryptocoins suggested to mine/buy for this month are:
Boolberry BBR – new cryptography used to create this coin, asic resistant – totally new concept not a copy n paste like many others. Trades on Bittrex.
LeagueCoin LOL – the coin that can be used in famous MMORPG League of Legends as tipping system and has skins shop where you can buy addon to the game with the currency. Trades on Bittrex.
LitecoinPlus XLC – there is new versions of BTC/LTC moved to other algos or with different block times and settings. There was lately coin XBC that made people really good cash [it was BitcoinPlus] now there is other one thats still good to enter – XLC. Trades on Bittrex.
Mjollnircoin MNR – uses HEFTY1 algo which makes it fully ASIC resistant and was lately relaunched. Trades on Bittrex.
TalkCoin TAC – new NIST5 algo and it has anonymous decentralised chat built into the coin! Trades on Bittrex.
SiameseCoin SIS – x11 algo coin for Isle of Man with just 2 coins a block (means multipools wont rape it) and zero premine. Has high positions in voting on Cryptsy, Bter and trades on Bittrex.
Spots SPT – this is an very old coin [soon having 1st birthday – 1 year is old for cryptos :0] which now got new dev and changed algo to scrypt-n to stay ASIC resistant. They are running raffles now to get some cool stuff. Check them out! Trades on Cryptsy.

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* BTC – 1BrTwi9uACs7u6vQ111CAJuy8mFZLSDgGr
* LTC – LfAurHeUMMDkJHmhdYdyPN5z7DYYekykuK
* BBR – pid: d92435eb6e664d07a177f84438341ed58c9f0521983345c19c9e7e2584df6b86 base: 1AxQp4KrZbETL4HHgh5PksNsdcUregZoSEsWvYWgUaMAMayq1ddWdFrQEg5DfUod4Ud6Sz2z6vQMAcMWRdLDTSmy2Conhvk
* LOL – LaYn643HQjxUfeDmuDZAzC76eFgT1DdnaE
* XLC – XH73kGSfRTdmHDxkD1NCFokQqbPsVAcGKg
* MNR – MRs3FRrFMiqZ5m9wM9Ntgp47Fki7DKbST3
* TAC – TfbAYmAG4oaYoCzbx7y58kZQuRffJj86bY
* SIS – SbZJx7AGsz7AryLbuJgJoyaeVVgVJv12ex
* SPT – MNkVo5nWAL5sQT3Aom5KVq7GZjLYfyZTpc

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