RBox Miner Review & How to setup Rockminer R-Box Bitcoin ASIC Guide

People hate pre-orders, everybody is late brining machines so their price varies. Here is one of companies that has their Bitcoin miners in stock and you could not hear about them before – meet Rockminer. Also ive decided to start youtube channel and this will be my first video, so please subscribe there!

RockMiner – R-BOX ~32-37 GH/s Setup Guide
The machine is very quiet, come with all cables and all you need to make it run is just just 12V,5A PSU. This is the most usual one, same that you can have for Jalapeno from BFL, Gridseeds or even some home machines. Setup of Rbox is superb simple, here i will guide you how to do it on Windows.
1. Unpack the Bitcoin machine plug-in all the cables and turn it on.
2. Download modified Rbox Cgminer from HERE
3. Plug it to your computer trough USB port, after it fails to install driver [or installs but it still will be wrong one] use ZADIG tool [also in package] and install WinUSB driver.
4. Run the ‘start.bat’ from Rbox Cgminer folder [change pools/username etc – its set for BTCGuild right now] and see it hashing!
See my video of unpacking the machine and setting it up to hash.

R-BOX sha256 Bitcoin ASIC Miner Review
The machien is really sweet, they say on they official site “R-BOX ,the symbol of small,simple and silent, make people freely mining at home, office etc.” and that is totally true. From unboxing to running it took me literally 3 minutes [with fidning PSU in my mess!] and it works without issues since then. Price is also preety nice and there is bulk discounts. The agents of Rockminer are in EU, Canada, USA and Hongkong so just find your prefered source like ie GAWMiners. and order this little beast or go for their bigger 450ghs product. If you never had Bitcoin miner, this one can be great start and if you already had some this will be good addon to your hashing power.

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