GAWminers Fury 1,3+ mh/s ASIC Scrypt Review, Setup Guide and Unboxing

Time for another review of the latest scrypt asic from GAWMiners – Fury. It sells so fast that sometimes they have to turn it off from the offer, so if you visit site and itsn ot there – just try in 2-3 days again.

Fury/Blizzard 1,3+ mh\s Setup Guide
Fury of GAW is same as Blizzard of Zeusminer, just whitelabel. Yet dont seek for information about installation on either of this sites. Gaw doesnt have it [they dont host such stuff in the shop but on their forum] and Zeus has one but.. bad one! Here is proper way to do it:
1. Install this driver
2. Plugin your machine or machines – you should see them. Now you will have to find USB port(s) on which they are installed
3. Now, there is 2 versions of software – Bfgminer and Cgminer, yet i suggest to install Bfgminer of Darkwinde located HERE. Then edit the “start.bat” [especially to right USB ports and you are good to go.

Fury/Blizzard Scrypt ASSIC Miner Review
The machine is decent because it has decent price per mh and really good wats – you would use 10x time electricity with 2 GPUs getting this power + you would pay way more. Hence when i said its selling that hot. It comes with all cables needed and the PSU, so all you need is either zenController for Raspi or a computer. Setup is easy and machines are stabile and as you see they look similar to Gridseed miner from review BUT they have somethign that Gridseed failed with – if Cgminer dies, you dont have to unplug you Fury 1,3 mhs+ miner, just run software again and it works! Also i had 0 bfgminer freezes while cgminer does freeze sometimes. So if you want a small miner with good power to mine Litecoin, Dogecoin, Legendarycoin or any other Scrypt – get Fury from GAWMINERS and you can use wit hthis this coupons: $5 off orders over $100: 5off100 $20 off orders over $250: 20off250

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