So here we are into new year, so i decided best way to start it is with new post of suggested coins to invest in. Due to high demand of peopel asking me about making trading group if you are interested READ HERE. 2015 started pretty bad for BTC, we are at 6th and Bitstamp got hacked, price is in 1 year low, Vault of Satoshi is closing.. This is why altcoins are best spot to multiply cash right now and here is my suggestions and reasons – as every month!

DOGED DogeCoinDark – fully anonymous, really cheap and with decent community [lots from original DOGE one] and dev thats working hard, the coin has really many reasons to raise this year and its now the cheapest it can be. Trades on C-Cex and BleuTrade
HYPER – this coin is here like 3rd time, its just keeps raising, adding more features and games + getting traded on decent exchanges containing belowed Bittrex and Atomic

NBT Nubits – new era cryptocurrency made in cooperation with PPC yet it has also its own NuShares [kind of what XCP is to Bitcoin, system of payable shares on same chain] and the coin is auto traded by bots making sure it ALWAYS costs 1USD. This is the first fully stabile in price crypto out there and really something to keep eye on. Trades ie on Bter or english AllCoin
NEOS – this guys are working all the time on new code and the currency cannot be missed when you loo for long term solid investments. The devs are dedicated and just keep adding new things to this fully anonymous crypto with a wallet that you never seen before. If you look not for pure marketing but skilled technology behind crypto – thats a perfect choice.
SYS – SYS had down times due to Moolah/Mintpal stealing their BTCs yet now they are almost ready with FULLY DECENTRALISED market. On the day BTC was going down SYS was the only altcoin going up due to this fact. Get on the train before it becomes a rocket. Trades literally everywhere ie AllCoin Cryptsy

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* SYS SdeFFGMxnyTTGaaa61PbMncQw1vGR5CZTo

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