Want ot get somethign 100% free for Xmas? You can have 10ghs hashlet from Zenpool for lifetime, all you need to do is use this links to subscribe, then complete the tour [important] – bang you have 10ghs miner mining forever for you. This has been tested by literally 100s of peopels trought me on forums, it works.

Now since the year is ending i will give you few shoots i think are worth getting into money that you didnt use on presents for others. Just keep in mind – do not be greedy and dont overstay in coins.

GAP Gapcoin – Full member dev not a new account and unlike most coins it has its own custom PoW [mining] algo: custom, prime gaps and has uniqe miners created for CPU/GPU. Coins made on new algos always get good press and alot of interested people so its good to keep eye on those esp when they are already traded on cool exchanges like Poloniex.

LTC Litecoin – its really at its pretty big bottom now and since this currency is BTCs lil brother its an pretty good long term investment. Id suggest to watch it but not do fast moves. No need to write more – everybody knows that coin.

NOO NooCoin – coin in the ICO stage thats supossed to open a market where people will be able to order nootropicks using the coin and BTC. ICO is escrowed by Bittrex and the idea seems really interesting. The devs are using their real names and identities and ICO ends Dec 22nd, 2014 at 23:59:59 PST. Keep in mind that almost all drug oriented coins were a moon rocket and sure investment so far this year.

XPY Paycoin – from GAWminer guys, the coin can be mined with sha256 algo miners [so all those Bitcoin ones] ie from KnC Neptunes or if you already have none – buy hashpower from ie LeaseRig. Mining will be possible just for few days more so get o nthe bandwagon now or miss it.

RDD Reddcoin – the oldest of coins in the list, which has a perfect moment to be listed here now. RDD is a known social oriented cryptocurrency with loads of tipbots among many platforms and services based on its community and are added to all top exchanges and many payment processors. Now they are working on decentralised payment for social systems and online wallet. Get some ie on Cryptsy

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