KNC Titan Asic Scrypt Miner Review, Troubleshooting and Guide

Last week Cex stopped their sha256 cloud mining, yesterday GAW stopped theirs and many other companies already shown up as scams or so – it may seem that due to bad Bitcoin/Litecoin/Dogecoin prices, self-hosted asic mining hardware may have its second life! This time (finally!) we will speak of the most powerful scrypt miner our there – Titan from KncMiner

KNC Titan 300 mhs Miner Easy Setup Guide
And here is the problem.. setup of this is not easy at all. You have a fair chance of getting bad controller or a cube [me and 1 friend got bad controllers, 2 other friends got at least 1 bad cubes]. Then their RMA system is really snail slow and they even made me pay shipping cost of RMAd hardware! Really not nice of you Knc Miner. But about how to check those i will write in troubleshotting. To join me up on this adventure of fighting KNC Titan guys from Cryptostore had to enter as backups. Alone owning the mysterious Titan was too hard at this point.
When you finally have everything – its very important to use Y cables or you will melt your machines ports. Just dont ask what is scrypt mining as its getting crypto from the thin air.
Another important thing is to use 1.65 firmware not “newer” ones as they will make your controller to never find cubes!
Since KnC Titan Miner allows Scrypt-N mining now – make sure you setup Scrypt.
The right setup for scrypt is
knc titan 325mhz
After you make it running.. just dont touch it and pray 🙂 This is one of hardwares im really scared to touch but i admit – when it works, then it works good.
I also suggest to use multipool scrypt places to get even more power.

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KNC Titan Troubleshotting
Maing problem is the firmware, you really need to use old one – new ones didnt want to find my cubes at all. Other thing is this guys almost always send bad controllers and make you flush their SD cards – but that does nothing. So if you get a controller that keeps flushing white or doesnt flash green eithernet cable card – just send RMA request ASAP to – no need to waste more time.
Y cables is a must – without that you will melt cables even on top PSUs so dont bother setting that up without them. KNC sends those cables as separate package.
Make sure you use scrypt not scrypt-N. On the “mining” tab from scroll down menu choose 10. It will still say scrypt-N next to it but will mine scrypt aka Litecoin/Dogecoin etc.

Titan Scrypt Asic Miner Review
So even tho KNC did alot of fuckups on this one [delivery time, failed controllers] due to current price situation on the market and companies like LTCGear/Zeusminer ending up as scams – it seems peopel who are lucky to have Titans right now are pretty lucky. Mine works and mines really loads of coins on various multipools [ie try this EXCL dedicated one] so i would say if you have some spare money get KNC Titan directly or try from 3rd party on some forums or so. And yes you can do doge mining scrypt on this since dogecoin uses same algo as LTC. Scrypt cloud mining is a scam never do it or you will lose money.

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1 thought on “KNC Titan Asic Scrypt Miner Review, Troubleshooting and Guide”

  1. You say “Another important thing is to use 1.65 firmware not “newer” ones as they will make your controller to never find cubes!” yet, i don’t see any 1.65 fw from KnC.
    It goes from 1.15 (most stable for me) to -> 1.94-beta

    Did you mean fw 1.95? I’m having trouble finding a cube, it suddenly won’t be found by the controller and am wondering what to do, I was using 1.97 fw., but i’ve also tried 1.15 and 1.02.

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