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Best Free Bitcoin Faucet – Get Free Bitcoins from Giveaways

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Of course you can earn BTC trading altcoins on Bter or Cryptsy but another [slow!] way is to use spots that give free giveaways – every hour, every day etc. Here is a list of working bitcoin faucets that pay out. Some of the sites pay when you get a bunch of coins so always use same BTC adress for faucets. Some use – microsystem that adds up small payments and send at once – no need to register. Just use same adress always and you are good. – currently the best site. Every hour you win some coins + you can gable them. There are peopel who won even 0.9 BTC in few rolls. You need to register and use it from time to tim to get coins for gamble.
BitVisitor – Coins every 1h just visit sites in a row.
EarnFreeBitcoins – a bit worse than above, but watch sites for BTC
BunnyRun – choose Bunny, put wallet and race once a day
CoinReaper – uses a few faucets within their site

A few simple fillcpatcha+put wallet ones [right click and open in new window]:
Can Has Bitcoin
BTC Mine
Free Bitcoins Me
fr33 bitcoins
Green Coins
Faucet BTC
Bitcoin Spain
Bitcoin Faucet Tk
Reds Coin Co
Free Bitcoinz
Get Coins Quick
Land Of Bitcoins
Faucet [needs working mobile]
Earn Free Bitcoins
Bitcoins 4 free
Bitcoin Spain
Virtual Faucet
El Bitcoin Gratis

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