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We are running since 4 years and its time for little bit update to our old and new users on what we plan doing this year.

Full SSL

We decided to fully move to https. parts of site were always like that but currently whole site is secured like this to make your viewing more personal. We believe all websites should be fully SSL as this will help to protect privacy of users.

Free Bitcoin Ebook Coming Back

In early years (you can still see that when signing up) we were sharing a free ebook about cryptocurrency. At some point it got outdated and we had no time or proper idea to write one. Luckily now we have. It will be 100% noob friendly yet will have infos that even pros may find useful – so just like the first time. All members subscribed with email to the blog will get it (if you are still not subscribed – do so!). it wont be “how to buy Bitcoin” but with some nice methods and tricks you maybe didnt know of that will help you make money.

Cleaning Up Mailing List

Since the blog runs over 4 years now many people subscribed and lost interest or even mailboxes that were used. We now have over 18 000 subscribers on the blog yet those who did not open any email in last 4 months will be cleared. If you did not get any emails from us make sure to whitelist news@fuk.io on your email provider (ie search for this in spambox) or re-subscribe. This week we will clear all non-responsive users which at this point seem to be at least 5000 emails.

Back to Old Post Series That Made This Blog Famous

The No Bias Interviews section will again get talks with prominent people in our usual manner of asking “hard questions”. Also since the ICO craze stopped we will go back to “BEST ALTCOINS AND CRYPTOS TO MINE AND INVEST IN FOR HIGH PROFITS” which accuracy made this blog known initially. Questions for people you will be able to give ie in our Discord group.

Commercial Services Update

Currently we can help with exchanges listening on top of making reviews or giving marketing advice. Feel free to use the contact form as usual.

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