August 2014 Report – Best Altcoins and Cryptos to Mine and Invest In Right Now

Due to all scams around and 100s of coins coming out its not easy to spot right investments so as every month im posting my own suggestion of what to mine with your asics right now or what to invest in. Have a look at my picks for August of not so obvious investments you could miss or didnt read good enough about! There was also 2 things opened lately that should be noted. By holding any amount of BTC or LTC in Cryptsy you will be getting paid daily dividents from their fees – so easy way to make your money work for you not just sit in pocket. On the other hand GAW opened Hashlets. This works like a cloud server but for miners. You can 24/7 buy new hashing scrypt power and get it mine for you on chosen multipools – try it HERE, its cheap and very interesting.

BIG BigBullion – sha256 [like BTC] coin which has decent pricing right now and wants to be exchanged to gold bullion in future. If you look at latest sha256 coisn you will see the market is really hungry for them and they get decent pricing which BIG coin already has yet it doesnt have audience that saturates it so its good tiem to enter by buying or mining right now. KnC owners are loving it right now. Trades on Bittrex.

XDE DoubleEagle – unique x15 algo [GPU mineable only] coin with wallet that has planned to have inside block explorer, exchange rates and few other things. Not saturated algo, nice price and no premine. Watch out the PoW [mining] time is short! Trades on Bittrex.

NOTE DNotes – coin with a few years upfront marketing plan made on scrypt algo. Dev team is very active and doesnt seem to be going anywhere and keeps the coin running and upgrading. The marketing team keeps filling their plans and the coin has to raise. Trading almost everywhere but best prices on Allcoin

uLTC Umberella Litecoin – preety unique idea of making a LTC merged mining coin that also has insurance fund for exchanges being hacked or loosing coins. While mining uLTC you can mine few other coins same time [LTC included] so its a no brainer at this point. Trades at Atomic-Trade.

LTC Litecoin – well the second famous cryptocurrency yet not so obvious for everybody to get o nright now. I will tell you one thing – if you have spare funds that you are not worried about invest 100% in LTC right now [before 6-7USD hits] and you will thank me later. This coin wasnt at such cheap prices like 2 days ago [3,5USD] since over a year. Also there are big marketing plans and new things released like Electrum LTC. Trades everywhere 🙂

SYS SysCoin – the most innovative coin i`ve seen in last year, has loads of extra options packed up and i was suggesting you all to get on the IPO. If you didnt still there is good time to buy and mine it since it had some troubles on launch and price is far from where it should be. Scrypt mining [like LTC]. Trading everywhere but best prices on Cryptsy.

STR Stellar Coin – this is unusual coin and a bit centralised but also easy to use. You can get some free ones just by making account at official site and veryfing with Facebook – just delete it after you get free coins from allowed apps. This cryptocurrency was made by few really sucessful guys from finance industry so good ot hold some. Trades on Allcoin.

Cluster Coin CLSTR, Use Coin USE, HYPER Coin HYPER

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