Where to Day Trade Bitcoin on the Bull Run – Leverage, Futures, Spot Trading

Bitcoin halving is really close and price of the coin raised by over 200USD during last 2 weeks and doesnt seem to stop. On the other hand there is incoming Litecoin bull run and ETH shortage due to hacking. Get prepared and start trading to not miss this opportunity best since 2013 bubble.

Where to buy Bitcoins fast?
Initially before starting trading you will need Bitcoins. From the moment you have them you may choose many different routes about what to trade and where.
Most exchanges allow you to verify account and deposit USD/EUR with bank accounts, but this takes a lot of time and you may miss best positions.
If you have no BTCs here are fastest ways to buy some for start, while waiting for exchanges to verify you and take deposits.

CoinMama – buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Debit Card + Western Union. They do verifications right away as long as support is online. Really fast service.
LocalBitcoins – buy BTC by wire transfer or cash without any verifications (other than phone verification of the service). You can meet people near you and use pure hand to hand cash or buy online – even for Paypal. No longer recommended.
BitBay – they allow deposits and withdrawals by wire up to 10000 EUR without verification.

Why to trade Futures and Leverage ?
Trading futures essentially means for the investor is that he can use a much greater value of Bitcoins than he could when was buying the original cryptocurrency on spot. Due to this profits multiply if the market moves in predicted position (10 times if margin requirement is 10%). With 1 BTC you can take profits of for example trading 10. Future contracts are traded in huge numbers every day and are very liquid. You mostly do not have to wait hours or days for position to go live. The big amount of buyers and sellers in the leveraged markets ensures market orders can be placed and executed fasy. This also means that the prices do not fluctuate drastically, especially for contracts that are near maturity. A person with good prediction or fast news reaction can make a lot of quick money trading Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency with leverage because essentially he is trading with 10 times as much exposure than with normal buys of Ethereum, Litecoin or BTC.

Best Exchanges to Day Trade Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum with Leverage
This are the most solid places that i trade personally. Since we are in the middle of big moves it is highly suggested to open positions at 2 spots. Exchanges sometimes go down or get ddosed and you dont want to stay without decent position that you predicted. With current news it is pretty easy to do solid longs (betting on price raise) and shorts (betting on price going down). Loads of people multiplied their USDs and Bitcoins during last days.

bitfinex 10% cheaper fees

BitFinex – really friendly exchange with leverage. You do not have to verify account to trade and withdraw cryptocurrencies which are Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. The other great thing on the exchange – you do not need to have LTC or ETH to trade them. You just have to get some BTC into the account, sell them for USD and move to trading wallet. From now on, you can long and short pairs like BTC/USD BTC/ETH LTC/ETH LTC/USD ETH/USD by just opening positions. The margin is also pretty small so it is unlikely to get liquidated.

okcoin litecoin x20 leverage

BitMex – top volume leverage and margin trading futures perpetual markets with BTC, XRP, EOS and other pairs.Most trades happen there and people hedge their spot positions on bitmex. No KYC needed, yet USA people are not allowed to trade on Bitmex.

anonymous bitcoin forex

SimpleFX – massive exchange with anonymous Forex. Deposit Bitcoin and you an trade stocks (Apple, GoPro, Twitter, Google etc), currency pairs (GBP/USD USD/CNY USD/JPY ..) or Litecoin Bitcoin Ethereum vs many currencies like USD, CNY or PLN. Really solid exchange for not only cryptocurrency trading but also all types of stocks and futures trading.

Want more spots? Check no documents bitcoin exchanges list.

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