GAWMiners / zenCloud Hashlets Review and Setup Guide – Best Cloud Mining Scrypt System to Up The Date

Some time ago i`ve wrote article cloud hashing and rig renting services review and see how fast things change in this world.. Currently the best thing to use is actually again from GAW that had few reviews here. There is curently no way to make more profits mining scrypt on multipool then doing this. Its 100% foolproof method to make Bitcoins by buying out hashing power and comes from legit company.


What are Hashlets ?

In the era of cloud servers where computing power can be connected and easily adjusted to grow there came time for scrypt mining machines to get in cloud. You purchase hashing power and do not worry about anything. You want more hash power? You just add it, you can add little chunks and combine them – no need for extra machines buying. Hashlets let you buy hashing power in numbers that dont equal to machines because you can buy out hashes as you like, similar to what CEX does for BTC. But Hashlets have 1 more advantage that others dont – ZenPool which is a multipool available only for this service and pays.. 51% more than any other multipool! So yes.. you read good – the hasing power you buy with Hashlet will double money you would make buying pure miner! just look here at what it gives

Hashlets Usage, Installation and Review

Getting a hashlet is piecie of cake, deposit cash, get it and mine. Also a good thing is.. while mining you are actually getting HashPoint that can later be used to buy cheaper Hashlets from GAWMiners. Speaking shortly not onlu you make 2x more than with any other multipool but also you get some cash back that you can buy more free scrypt hashing power with. Kind of perpetum mobile for now. Why do i say for now? Hashlets costed 16$ when they started, now like 48h later its at 19USD and i know for a fact within 24h it will go to – 24.95 and who knows where else. Invest now or loose later preety much. Do i have to say more? Buy now if you havent and just count the profits. CHECK OFFICIAL PAGE FOR MORE INFO


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3 thoughts on “GAWMiners / zenCloud Hashlets Review and Setup Guide – Best Cloud Mining Scrypt System to Up The Date”

  1. Hi. Am really interested in BTC mining but the problem is, am in Nairobi, Kenya and i have no idea how to start. How do i buy Hashlets? I’ve read everything there is to know about Bitcoins and i even tried mining but the Khs i was getting was pretty low and didn’t yield anything. Any help would be much appreciated.


    Bornventure Shibia.

  2. How much were you paid to provide almost no information on this. If your going to write an article about this “amazing new breakthrough in crypocurrency where they are twice as good as every other smart person out there and give you more for free”, at least provide some information other than buy, buy, buy. And for a setup guide, I think Obama, the king of indecision, gives better instructions then you. Why do you rename the post “Sales pitch on ZenMiner Cloud Hosting”. That’s all I see here.

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