A2 Terminator Innosilicon Scrypt ASIC Miner Setup Guide and Review

A2 Terminator is currently the best Scrypt ASIC miner with speeds of between 82-96mhs. It comes as full package, you just plug it into internet and its working. No extra PSU or so needed. I got mine from the biggest BTC mining company – Geniuses At Work as usual. Ive tested few other companies and service/support vs this one.. is not even close.

A2 Terminator Setup Guide, Installation and Troubleshooting

So usualy the machine comes with static IP written on it in form of 192.168.1.XXX, so you just plug it in and visit the local IP and find panel there. Yet problems may occur in two situations.
First is your network si actually 192.168.0.XXX. To fix this all you have to do is change your locla computer IP to 192.168.1.XXX enter your miners local IP and switch it to your proper 192.168.0.XXX or 192.168.2.XXX choosen one. This was a known issue on ANTs so check guide of my man sushi here and heres most important part to fix A2 Terminator different IP than network is:
“Start Button >> Control Panel >> Network and Internet (View network status and tasks) >> Change adapter setting (Left side of the screen) >> Local Area Connection (Double Click) >> Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) then Click on “Properties” >> Select Use the following IP address:
Please look at near the cooling fan on the AntMiner (in our case Innosilicon Scrypt Asic). You’ll find a white sticker with an IP address printed on it. (Example:
Set your computer’s IP address to the following:
IP Address:
Default Gateway:
For the DNS Setting: Select “Obtain DNS server address automatically”

But the problem i got was different – but actually that is good – you are getting guide which you wont find anywhere else. My problem with A2 Terminator was unusual [other customers told me they never had this issue] and it was.. Raspberry PI that is the heart of the machine had.. no Cgminer installed on SD card! So after hours of messing with IPs, router and stuff i found out its not me being lame but actually the miner doesnt know its a miner yet! Even if you are cluless about Linux or mounting images the process is totally easy and straight forward.
1. Download DiskImager but not installer but “source” on the archive page. Installer is fucked up and in most cases wont install.
2. Download this Overclock image for A2 Innosilicon made by Emdje
3. Unzip it and mount to SD card from our Innosilicon miner
4. Put inside and get on the miner. Change IP on top to the one you want (see video).
This image is also better because it allows you to run A2 Temrinator overclocked to 96mhs speed whiuch is preety sick to mine scrypt coins right now.

Terminator A2 Review

This is the fastest machine right now to mine DOGE, LTC or other scrypt coins. Miner is easy to setup and runs without any issues at preety stabile hashing and easy overclocking. If you want to go for ROI the price is preety good now and the miner is superb efficent. The only thing to keep in mind – its not too silent i have it in my main room where i sit and i hear it all the time. But with such power and around 0,05BTC a day on multipools this is nothing bad. From my math the machine will surely ROI at this point – especially if you get on some new scrypt coin that ie i suggest here from time to time. Then with such monster scrypt asic miner you will be able to make even1BTC a day. Click here to check out specs and whole miner at GAW!

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