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November 2015 Report – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy and Invest in To profit Bitcoin

Bitcoin got stable again after the rush it had, so now altcoins are back to be a good investment. Here is 3 cryptos that i suggest getting in November 2015.. so you have just few days left 🙂…

Trade Bitcoin with Leverage – Make Easy Money on Current BTC bubble incoming!

Heard of forex? Im sure so. Yet forex is complicated and only 5% people really make money of it. Leveraging bitcoin and cryptocurrency trades is a way easier and faster way to make money. All you need is few minutes a day to make a bit – or few hours to make loads of free…

Holding BTC, LTC or DOGE since long time? Here is free money for you – CLAMS!

While this sounds like a joke – it is not. There is people who got few BTCs free using this method….

Guide how to do pump on Bitcoin or Altcoins price

The biggest fun in cryptos is riding the trading wave. There are people who make living just from thing called ‘day trading’. This is about watching signals, reading candles almost forex style. There are also other people – who pump coins for profits. Buy low, sell high. Here is how to technically pump a coin….

Bitnik Launches Reload, a Solution for Automated Bitcoin Repurchasing and Reporting

Ljubljana, Slovenia – May 22, 2015 at 17:00 BST – Bitnik d.o.o. is pleased to announce the launch of the Reload service Bitnik d.o.o., a Slovenian based start-up, has launched Reload, an universal service that binds your Bitcoin wallet to your Bitcoin exchange account: whenever you spend bitcoins from your wallet, Reload will use your…