Qiibee – Loyalty on the blockchain – Get Free Coins!

There are many ICOs but not many give coins for free or little work. This one do, so check it!

What is Qiibee ?
You heard of loyalty programs im sure. I believe blockchain is one of the best ways to utilize them and these guys are on it.
qiibee ethereum airdrop

They already work with big companies like Subway, Burger King, Zalando and others so this looks good. The ICO looks very promising, but right now my focus will be the airdrop.

Join Their Airdrop Rewards Program!

An airdrop is a way that you can get crypto without paying a penny often they are just running on balances of some token automatically but in this case, they need you to complete some tasks. This way even if you have 0 ETH you can still earn them which makes it fair and cool to try.
Qiibee is doing everything by Telegram so there is no need to make reflinks and such. If you never tried this app – i suggest you to do so – Telegram.

They are currently giving away a total of tokens 5,928,750 worth in USD by current price $420,000.
Maximum tokens a per person can get is 300 and worth of USD $21.252 to avoid abuse or sybil attacks.

To get the tokens you should visit the page – https://airdrop.qiibee.com/and initially join their Telegram – @qiibee

As usual, remember to use ETH address you own not exchange one. So ie from MyEtherWallet or Mist.
There are plenty rewards to get.

get free ethereum tokens

Remember there is a maximum number of tokens to be shared so first come first served.

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