This month there is 2 interesting CFC/ICOs and our usual gaming coin is still gaining attention. Let the report begin!

Initial Cryptocurrency Offering/Croud Funding Campaign Coins to invest in:

MapCoin aka MAPC – thimo, former dev of SLOTH crypto have created new coin that will be using Foursquare/GoogleMaps APIs with possibility to share coins for checkins. ICO runs from now till 27th and is escrowed by C-CEX EXCHANGE.

R3D – the main dev is founder of NEOS, a coin that is solid, old and lately was added to Cryptsy. The plan below R3D is such massive it would be hard to do so taking from their thread: r3d’s goal is to set the internet free using blockchain technologies. SHortly – you will be able to build decentralized sites and applications using that system. ICO runs on Bittrex.

Mineable/Tradeable Coins to invest in:

PayCon CON – while XPY (Paycoin) have died as scam, a funny meme coin PayCON got loads of attention and stable community. Was lately added to Cryptsy and is also rocking C-CEX volumes.
GoldPieces GP – coin that is made to sponsor games creation, their new site just launched and price is steadily, naturally going up –
HYPER – this game oriented coin is not stopping, keeps going up like mad and devs are fully active with great gaming community
LTC Litecoin – halving comes in few days, big chances of price raise

There is an weekly decent youtube program about cryptocurrency with news from both Bitcoin and altcoins.
You can watch their latest episode by clicking banner below – i strongly suggest to subscribe to them!
bitcoin trading group

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