NitrogenSports Review and Bitcoin Sports Betting Guide

While people are making decent money with futures at OKC we will go this time for other fun – bitcoin gambling of many types along with method of betting that i will show working live.

What is Nitrogen Sports?
Nitrogen Sports is one of my favorite bitcoin sports betting sites online. They offer loads of different sports to gamble on but also e-sports, lottery tickets prediction or small casino games like poker, dice or blackjack. You need no verification to use the site, just make account (or stay with anonymous one), deposit bitcoins and play.
Im not sure but if you are from USA where online gambling is banned some people i heard are using european proxy to connect. Keep in mind you are breaking sites TOS this way. Anyways, after you finally login – you are in heaven of loads of games, cheap minimum bids and easy parleys. Site been up for long time and is solid. Never heard anybody to have issues withdrawing money.

Bitcoin Underdog Betting Method
The method to make money here is to either bet on sure winners when ie bets are 1:3 or bet smaller amounts on total underdogs who lets say get 1:5 or above. This way with enough bets the risk spreads in a way that may let you stay on profits. Keep it mind – we are bitcoin sports gambling here on random games and teams that we know nothing about. Below you can see Video where we bet over 0.5BTC using this + mixing bitcoin dice, casino and blackjack inside with a bit or martingale just to prove a point.

On the end of the film there is a link to extra video with results of this plays. So please watch it full or just scroll there to see results.

Final Words
Keep in mind you can just go with anonymous accounts right away without leaving your data on the website.
But most importantly – treat betting as fun, not as a way to make money. Bet only as much as you can afford to loose. While this guide worked for us it may not work for you – since you will be betting in different time on different games. If you understand and you are ready – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER to Nitrogen.

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