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Unboxed Network – Get Paid to Post on Social Media

Word of mouth is the best marketing these days. Unboxed aims to make it decentralized and let you get paid for posting on Instagram, Youtube etc.

What is Unboxed Network ?
Its a live product and this network already exists and pays, they worked for super big brands and have great numbers. Now they are adding tokens and blockchain on top of their payment system. Brands create a campaign, then their trusted network of thousands of Marketing Experts find the best Unboxers for the project. An Unboxer is a social media user like you who gets paid for posting and engaging. And to make payments instant and secure, we use Escrow for distributing funds. Check explanation of how it works in the video below or on official site.

Where and How To Buy ?
unboxed presale bonusCurrently there is a 55% pre-sale bonus and you can pay with Ethereum and Credit Card – which is unusual and makes it easier to enter.
1 NBOX token is worth $0.057

To buy NBOX you need to register to THEIR WEBSITE and decide on the amounts. There is also an Airdrop for filling simple tasks like following them on twitter.

They worked so far with Nestle, Mars, Philips, Microsoft, Nescafe, Nespresso, Rummel and many other big brands. ICOs of products that already have infrastructure and clients is not usual these days at all.

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