Pre Announced Coins to Mine from the Start!

So in last posts i was talking about coins tht already exist and you can make cash from them. As you can see, all of the coins moved by 100% few times, so if you were paying attention you surely made money. Now its time to step up – check pre-announced coins, and mine them from start when diff is low, then just wait for exchanges and good price to sell. The post wont be long but informative enough to let you make cash easily.

Legendary Coin – LGD
Official thread with all info:
Coin that stakes every X days – so you get interest just for having wallet open and coisn inside. Not full specs are known but it seems like interestign concept of rare coins, fully scrypt mineable. ALso the devs try to attract peopel arounnd games, HYIM tv show and mythology.

CryptoMeth – METH
Official thread with all info:
Coin based on the decent Breaking Bad tv show. Devs seem serious and have good idea of what they are doing. Algo used for this is Keccak aka Sha3 – voltage effective and impossible to mine with ASICs, so everybody should have a chance of getting some.

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2 thoughts on “Pre Announced Coins to Mine from the Start!”

  1. We should stop making and supporting new coins. There are too many already and it’s ruining cryptocurrencies.

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