Mineable Cryptocurrencies to invest in right now

On the first post of this blog i suggested altcoin to invest in right now – most were not mineable but as you can see over 70% raised by 100% from the price on the last post. Seems i still have good predictions, if you bought the coins o nthe day i suggested – you made good cash.
This time i will share coins which of course trade on markets already [or soon will] but you can still mine them with your rigs and sell later on. Soon there will also be post about making GPU rigs. I wont mention here AUR or MZC as with that we would be already late to the party.

CGA – Cryptographic Anomaly coin this is an super unique coin, to know more about it check the thread. I love how it works and totally suggest to mine it. Algo is scrypt like LTC.
TAK – Takei Coin, in the land of scrypt coins one of SHA ones. Good to keep eye on.
RIE – Riecoin, seeks for mathematical prime numbers when mining, CPU only for now.
SEX – Sexcoin, preety old one but still easy to mine and to make cash of with latest raisings. Scrypt.
SUN – Sun Coin, great name, working devs and really low price now as the coin is preety new. Scrypt as usual.
DRK – Dark Coin, the first coin that makes sendings anonymous to avoid tracking. Special algo to mine it.
MYR – Myriad Coin, first coin made with a few alghoritms.
HBN – Hobonickels, the coin was in last article and is here. Still mineable for profit and has huge gains in value.
LTB – LiteBar, rare coin with low total cap and already good price on small markets.

Many of them you can get from a free faucet – Earncryptocoins.
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MYR – MVhv7ai5pHL6jXKNmgPCFz3iMX87mrQ1SA
LTB – LWQHPexNUiWhrpCraxrehLjDN8XtMAHn6i

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2 thoughts on “Mineable Cryptocurrencies to invest in right now”

  1. CorgiCoin can’t get any lower than what it is now. Going to buy millions of coin at these prices and hope for the best. The devs are active so I don’t see how it can be dead. I also bought some sexcoin and darkcoin but very small numbers. Oh and FlappyCoin looks great too, but not seeing nearly as much dev activity as with corgi.

  2. I think the only promising coin here is DarkCoin. I expect it to continue growing in popularity until Bitcoin eventually adapts the core fundamental mixing feature it offers. Decent list.

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