Obyte – The Overlooked Platform with Autonomous Agents

Obyte known before as Byteball with anonymous coin in the system called Blackbytes is really overlooked by investors despite running smooth since years with amazing technology and protocol that many other projects are far away from.

What is Obyte ? 

There is a lot to be said about Obyte platform but the most important are it has unbreachable contracts (kind of god protocol), payments that can be easily sent over any network, easy to develop apps, DAG based technology which we can see for example in IOTA, easy to create tokens and ICOs, conditional smart payments, P2P insurance contracts without human escrow, Prediction markets and a lot more. Obyte project is one of the most advanced cryptocurrency blockchains right now yet not many people realise its powers.

Obyte Platform adds Autonomous Agents 

This is a new addition to the old Byteball aka Obyte system which is not like usual Smart contracts that they had or other platforms do.

The idea can be compared it to a vending machine build on distributed ledger.

What’s different from a vending machine, though, is that while a vending machine has an owner who can reprogram it or shut it down, an autonomous agent is truly autonomous. Its program is stored on the Obyte distributed ledger upon creation and can never be changed or removed.

To the end-user, interacting with an Autonomous Agent works just like a vending machine. The user simply sends money from their Obyte wallet to the AA’s address (which looks just like a regular Obyte address) and can optionally include any extra data related to the desired action. The AA then takes this transaction as a request and processes it according to its own program. In response the AA can perform many tasks such as sending another token back to the user, sending data to the ledger, sending coins to a different user or even sending coins and data to another AA.


Try your ideas and win money

There are countless Obyte features that can now be automated and combined using Autonomous Agents. Right now they run bi-weekly contest for developers who submit their code with rewards: 

Winner: 140 GB + 422 GBB
2nd place: 70 GB + 147.7 GBB
3rd place: 35 GB + 73.85 GBB

1 GB is now about $22, which makes the first prize worth over $3,000 at the current exchange rate.

But you do not have to be a developer to use the system and amazing wallet Obyte offers. Just download it from official site and buy some of the coins ie on Bittrex exchange.

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