First Church to Accept Bitcoin – Going to be in Guinness Book ?

The Saint John the Theologian in Koropi Magnesia is the first in the world Orthodox church that accepts Bitcoin BTC as donations. Koropi is a village in the municipal unit of Milies, Magnesia regional unit, Greece. situated on the Pelion peninsula, on the coast of the Pagasetic Gulf. The original writing is Ο Άγιος Ιωάννης Θεολόγος στην Κορόπη Μαγνησίας

Worth to remind that first church that started accepting Credit Cards got a place in Guinness Book marked as religious innovation. This one seems way bigger though and shows where the world is going now.

The church, which was built in 1961 with donations from faithful people, is trying to get money to complete a new project – rebuilding the old church which is located next to the current one. With the help of  people, the The Saint John the Theologian is trying to regain its traditional Pelion roof and also to create a showcase for the unique heirloom of the temple, a piece of stone from the Cave of St. John the Theologian, where he was sitting while being alive.

Technical director of the temple said, the acceptance of bitcoin was a one-way street for financial future, but also a way to make people aware of the church  and the grace of John the Theologian across the land with the Guinness record’s publicity. 



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