November 2015 Report – Best Cryptocurrency to Buy and Invest in To profit Bitcoin

Bitcoin got stable again after the rush it had, so now altcoins are back to be a good investment. Here is 3 cryptos that i suggest getting in November 2015.. so you have just few days left 🙂

Best Cryptos to Buy Now!
The scene was stagnant with BTC going from 250 to 400usd, so nobody did big moves in cryptocurrency world. Now the time has come and IMHO this ones are really worth looking into as investment now.

DigiCube CUBE – 2000% yearly stake coin which also offers free staking system, where you put the coins and they are staking foryou. Has out of the box Raspberry PI setup and alot more. Just read their thread – its massive, if i wanted to mention everything it wouldnt be fair to other coins ! Trades on Bittrex, C-cex and other cool exchanges! Keep eye on this one!

TransferCoin TX – this is an old coin that was taken over and now.. rocks! If you have TX you can pay at any shop accepting Bitcoin due to their built in system called cross sending. Other than that it has full TOR support, stealth adresses, Encrypted messages, Masternodes and Android wallet. And you know what? They have the very first Masternode on Android in crypto history. This is really a must have! Trades on Bittrex.

611 SixEleven SIL – we could call this coin Namecoin fork, as it allows you to register domain names within domain and their DNS system. Yes you are getting domain + free anonymous dns system hosting it. While looking at internet censorship and what Snowden released this coin solves and issue. Even if you dont need untraceable domains, still this coin is a great investment – alot of people may need those and will pay for them more in future. Doesnt trade yet so good to mine it or buy cheap now!

Extra November News
Since alot of things is going on november here is some extra news/tips to be used in the bitcoin ecosystem.
@ Black friday is coming, remember there is alot of sites selling discount things for BTC there. When buying from Amazon always use PURSE IO (this link will give you extra free mBTC on registration). This system always let you get discounts on Amazon, so on friday you will get discounts from discounts!
@ Cryptsy is down, hopefully they will come back soon yet remember – never keep more money on exchange than you can loose.
@ EXCL will be soon relaunched with Masternodes, changes coin supply. Im working on this so i only suggest to look at this coin. Trades on Cryptsy and Bittrex.
@ Register to – with censorship and banning coming to bitcointalk, make account with your belowed name (still many are free) on this new forum. It really has decent content!
@ Some good spots events are coming, remember to bet for them onCloudBet or Nitrogen.


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