Trade Bitcoin with Leverage – Make Easy Money on Current BTC bubble incoming!

Heard of forex? Im sure so. Yet forex is complicated and only 5% people really make money of it. Leveraging bitcoin and cryptocurrency trades is a way easier and faster way to make money. All you need is few minutes a day to make a bit – or few hours to make loads of free bitcoin.

Using Leverage for Betting on Bitcoin Futures
Normally you have 1BTC. You put sell order, when somebody buys you made money if not it lays. Bitcoin futures works a bit diffferent. You bet 0.03BTC yet you play with 3BTC. This way if price raises you gain more than you would if sold 1 BTC. Same goes for dropping of course. This is called trading bitcoin futures. BitMex says about it: The XBT futures contracts are considered quanto futures contracts. That is because the multiplier is in XBT while the contract is quoted in USD. Traders who measure their Profit and Loss (PNL) in Bitcoin terms will receive a linear payout. Traders who measure their PNL in USD terms will receive a non-linear payout.

How to Make Money trading Bitcoin with x100 Leverage
bitmex trading systemWe will be speaking here about BitMex and current situation on the market. At the moment BTC goes long [raises] almost all the time and even if it goes down – its easy to predict it.
How? All you need to do is watch chinesse exchanges Okcoin and Huobi. They start the trend, Bitfinex enters – then rest of markets go for it. Its simple as that. Watch china, other exchanges are always behind them. With even 0.01 you will be able to go for 100-200-300% gains in price. Watch markets here –
So we look if this markets are goign UP or DOWN and based on this we play on BitMEX. Below is video of me playing some small sum and making money on todays BTC going down. This is just an example on how to do this. You can easily get profits of 300-600% too, just i wanted to make this video fast.

Whats the best in Bitcoin Futures Trading Options?
Few things. For starters with small money you can make big money. Those exchange lend you money to play. If you keep eyes open and do not enter too big risks there is good money to be made here. But the main advantage of this system is – you can make money even on BTC loosing its price which is unlikely when you just buy BTC. There are people who buy BTC only to play on it loosing the value. Same goes for Litecoin as many of this sites have it too. I suggest trading a bit on each of them. Never put all eggs to one basket.

Best Bitcoin Marin Trading?
Some of this sites will give you deposit bonus so go by this list and make accounts on all. This is great time for bull and bear trading.
BitMex – leverage of up to 100x, risky and addictive! Litecoin and Ethereum there too.
SimpleFX – leverage of x500, trading stocks, oil and alot more. MetaTrade4 knowledge needed!
1broker – More forex alike, has not only Bitcoin but also Stocks, Commodities and all tradwable with BTC!
BitFinex – one of biggest and best exchanges, of course has marging trading. Also great for arbitrage between it and Btc-e.
OkCoin – one of biggest chinese exchanges with leverage trading for LTC and BTC. The volume here is crazy.


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3 thoughts on “Trade Bitcoin with Leverage – Make Easy Money on Current BTC bubble incoming!”

  1. Beautiful short! You can see all of us in the chat in your video – that was an absolutely brutal dump after such a euphoric high in the morning. Nicely executed. Thanks for posting the video – looking forward to more.

  2. Hi, great post but I not understand well how is this.. because where I have to see in the market of china to place a bet on bitmex? you can explain me a little more to understand well? thanks!

  3. Great guide.. been trying to find a more in depth one but everything I’ve seen online is garbage, could you maybe suggest a good one?

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