Non-biased Interview Part 3 – GoodShibe of DOGEcoin Community

Ok so here we go with our new chat – an interview with GoodShibe a prominent member of DOGEcoin community and especially its reddit. Lets see what he thinking about current cryptocurrency situation and tell us about DOGE, it`s future plans, impact of AUXPOW and what is it that makes DOGE community so special! As you may notice we have new category on blog now – DOGEcoin since i believe it deserves its own category not just be put into altcoins mixed one.

1. Whats your name and how did you get into DOGE? Was that your first cryptocurrency entrance?
–> My real name is a secret, I don’t share it because I want people to focus on the intent, not the person behind it. I started out in Bitcoin but I didn’t like the kind of people I was meeting so I ended up leaving that community altogether.

2. Are you trading/mining other coins or are you full dedicated to shibe clan?
–> Absolutely dedicated. I have some other coins that I’ve been tipped over the past year, but I haven’t bought any other coins since getting into Dogecoin.

3. DOGE used AUXPOW lately to merge with most mined scrypt coins aka LTC as the main one, how did this change DOGEs situation?
–> It made our network far, far more secure than it was but made it much more difficult for the average Shibe to mine Dogecoins for themselves.

4. DOGE is one of the only cryptos where people just tip for fun and never sell, do you have any idea how community achievie that and what are main points having DOGE do so?
–> I like to say that it comes down to desire, want. There’s a great joy and fulfillment to be found in giving and sharing and appreciating people. I think that the people who’ve found Dogecoin and decided to stay, are those who’ve realized it’s not only a lot of fun, but it’s a very positive experience.

5. Is the coin expanding to Asia? There was few tries of Panda coins, Sloth – nothingworked, yet DOGE still hasnt good asian exchanges. What are plans of making this live and getting all this new users?
–> A great deal of Dogecoin’s investors are Shibes from Asia, it hasn’t found a home on the big exchanges yet, but I suspect that might be changing rather soon.

6. DOGEs supports many events, but usualy that means selling gotten DOGEs for USD and making price go down. Are there plans to make DOGEs stick and get more stabile than LTC or BTC without merchants selling right away?
–> The best way to make that happen is to help encourage our DOGEconomy – get people buying and selling things for Dogecoin. Right now, there’s not a lot of incentive for people who aren’t involved in cryptocurrency to keep cryptocurrency that they receive. It’s a systemic problem but one that will shrink as cryptocurrency as a whole moves closer to mainstream adoption.

7. Are you planning to expand to new grounds of non-techy people and if so – how would you see it. Cryptos need people who dont spend much time online on anything else than FB.
–> I fully agree with that, yes, we definitely need to start bringing in people who are not tech savvy. There’s been some success through things like our Dogecar event and places like the Iron Rail Diner accepting Dogecoin for food, but to truly grow, that’ll be an important step forward for any crypto.

dogecoin car goodshibe8. Many exchanges are now using not just BTC/LTC pairs but also DOGE as their main one. When do you think we can see one of the FIAT exchanges to finally go for DOGE? Im not talking Cryptsy but somethign more dedicated to FIAT.
–> I think it’ll come down to demand. Once cryptocurrency starts to get into the mainstream, then we’ll see things like the Winkdex and such begin to take off.

9. What are plans of extra services on DOGE, we had Dogeparty made, we have the merged pool mining – what else can we expect ?
–> That would be an excellent question for our Dogecoin developers. I would suspect that, over time, there’s going to be a move to make Dogecoin easier to use for new people.

10. Speaking of merged mining what do you think DOGE community does with all those merged coins – sells them for BTC or rather sells to get back more DOGEs ?
–> That’s a great question. I have no idea on the whole, but I’ve had a few people tell me that they’ve swapped them out for Doge.

11. Whats your take on current BTC price and all speculation going about it. Do you think it will go up again to 1k$ and if so – what had to happen for us to see such scenario.
–> In my opinion, BTC is going through the kind of growing pains that come with wide acceptance. Lots of companies are accepting BTC, but few are holding it. So a lot of BTC is finding itself back on the market which is keeping the price low. I don’t think we’ll see a $1000 Bitcoin for quite some time again, a lot of the initial growth was people seeing the people who got in early becoming millionaires and there was a rush to try and catch that train. However, it seems more pragmatic now, people are interested but keeping a healthy distance until they can see what might happen next. For Dogecoin, we’ve been decoupled from BTC for a while now, so when BTC shoots up, Dogecoin tends to go down as investors sell DOGE to try and get Bitcoin on the ride up.

12. What do you find coolest about DOGE and its community ?
–> It’s a very open and inclusive place where people have a great deal of freedom to discuss what they want to discuss and do the things that they want to do. We take great pride in appreciating one another, tipping them and such — which makes it a very fun and exciting environment to be a part of.

13. What are any other coins you like at this point or are you full DOGE.
–> Full DOGE for me. I’m either riding this rocket to the moon or going down with the ship. Either way, it’s been an amazing ride so far.

14. DOGE was at 220 satoshi once, do you think it can surpass this price again on the AUXPOW mode?
–> Sure, if we build up a stable, functioning DOGEconomy. The more people buying and selling things in Dogecoin – the more people we have working for Dogecoin and hiring in Dogecoin, the better off we’ll be, long term.

15. Give us list of most used by community DOGE sites or services so the readers can check them
–> There’s a fantastic list here: that will help people find things to buy with Dogecoin. And this site is great if you want to hire someone to work for Dogecoin:

16. Last words ?
Thanks so much for your interest!

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