Cryptocoins which are also Games – Good Investments!

This days more and more altcoins are trying to get usage not only by exchaning to BTC or find merchants to spend them but also other things – ie games. I`m not speaking here of usual web browser games ie. dice, casino or flappy bird like ones – but real unique ones created just for the cryptocurrency. Here is a list of coins that you should buy/mine that have unique ideas to use them for players.

New Coin 2.0 – NC2.0 Coin
The coin works in PoS mode [stakes itself like HBN], is possible ot buy on Bter and some other exchanges. The game is an FPS, and is looking really good to me!
To check game beta [not always working] read thread:

cryptocurrency FPS game for New Coin 2.0
C2 FPS Games
C2Beta 44 Linux 115.1 MB!ZB52GYxb!q1VbFAbqp_smiXYeab3MUsSzsOW-46qeiG7LL9CY4kk
C2Beta 44 OSX 122.6 MB!8dAjXAIY!MTozbW3Mwh6bGOmUPpMDoeMAAlCwyAYXZsbJwJKeLdY
C2Beta 44 Windows 109.8 MB!NcoyCaBQ!uOztBRQZk4Zwarg4htdYedapSnrbW9GM3QeE5rMw0CU
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Hunter Coin – HUC

Screenshot of HUC Game Cryptocurrency
HUC Hunter Coin Game
This is really unique idea of a coin and its a prequel to other even more complex coin/game called ChronoKings. The guys made MMORPG game inside the client of coin, where you can earn and loose coins + the coin si also mineable. If their project works good, they will make another more complex game which is their main goal – more info at:

1Million HEX
This is a bit different project – its a game [desktop] which will be using some altcoins as credits in the game. So you will be able to buy/sell stuff in the game and trade the coins itself. Dont know how long it will take to make this one but to check where its going you can read at:

BLC Blake Coin
There is no official game yet so far, they built the MMO framework and are currently working on the first game which is a post apocalyptic FPS think Mad Max, Fallout, Diablo but massively multi player 40k CCU per zone, we also have a very early prototype for the second game which is a fantasy RPG think Diablo, WoW, 3 Kingdoms and its using the same MMO framework both games are fully 3D using unity game engine The plan is to support Blakecoin in the online games, the idea is you can mine Blakecoin and play a 3D MMO at the same time, then exchange your Blakecoin for game credits to buy in-game content which further helps support the games and Blakecoin or just sell them to help pay your expenses. Get more info on BLC:

If you have spare funds and want to invest long term in cryptos – i would say this ones are safe bet to raise when the games hit markets or get more popular.

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NC2: CfmLqpw6LK4uVXK9zhyLPYXYnHVvp6Rkai
HUC: HQJqa4CsEoDurY2V7m1z1YwR9XY8fEKcBe
BLC: Bh1mp4F88HkXSq4LiauYDqyaP2FHZccdK3

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