How to make 100 BTC within 5 months – Earn Bitcoins before Halving in 2016

You are here so still you can call yourself an early adopter. Imagine BTC runs to 2000usd per coins tommorow. Do you really have enough to change your life? Here is how to secure yourself with easy to make Bitcoins.

Are You ready for real BTC soar in price?
Alot of people speak they got their first btc or how they bought something. Lets imagine this situation (which will happen sooner or later). Do you guys really have enough bitcoins to change your life or it will be just pennies and another missed opportunity? Think about it because propably 90% of people wont change theirs life with current amounts. Try to get really a number thats matters before ~july 2016 halving.
Do i mean to take a loan and buy as many BTCs as you can now? No. I mean, take all funds you can LOOSE (YES!), buy Bitcoin with it and.. make more BTC from it.
In this article i will explain some methods of growing bitcoin from initial bitcoin. Heard phrase “money making money?” this is it.

Gambling Bitcoins
Okay the easiest and most known ways to make money is gambling. Period. I do make money gambling daily, but i dont just randomly put stuff. I try to rationalize it.
For starters there is dice sites. I suggest PrimeDice. I suggest to go with martingale method aka – double on every loss. There is people who made even 1-2 BTC within 5 seconds this way.
Other idea is sports betting. Best spots for this is CloudBet or Nitrogen. The main method is – bet on matches already rolling, where you see whos winning.

Trade Bitcoin with big Leverage
This method is massive, you can literally make x10 within 1 trade in like 5 minutes. Method is also easy. Register to OkCoin or BitFinex for sublte levrages to feel the ground.
Or go hardcore with Bitmex or SimpleFX where you can trade x100-500 leverages. This means for ie 0.1 BTC you invest you actually play x100 of those.. and take profit from that. Really fast money to be made. Worth to wait even few hours to make just 1 big move on this sites. This links give you discounts on fees.

Trade Gold ,Oil and Other stocks for BTC
The best site for this is One broker. Register there and trade BTC for goods all over the world. Its also possible to trade stocks and commoditis for bitcoin on SimpleFX but you need to run MetaTrader4 for it. Its easy to use and works on all tablets and phones too. Watch forex news and just sheep with your BTC.

High Risk Investments – High Profit Vachback – Possible Ponzi Schemes
Those pay good as long as they pay, but when they die – there is no comeback. So far there is 2 working that paid me.
CoinDouble – imo 100% ponzi but works so far and they even made social accounts this time.
Compound Fund Fund Made by Famous user, still looks ponzi to me. Pays since long time.

Altcoin Trading
This new exchange called Cryptopia has a comparison of possible arbitrages between exchanges. So get on Bittrex or CCEX and try to do some. Do not try Cryptsy – this guys are not paying out since a month.

Faucets – The end of the Internets
Those pay really a little and are not worth time, but if you just browse some websites and have a minute its worth to click those as they do pay not bad.
– FreeBitcoin – every hour chance to win some + there is dice betting open all the time.
– BonusBTC – pays big prizes for now, lets see how long it lives.
PrimeDice – get free BTC from faucet and gamble it right away for profits.

Got Your Method of Making easy Bitcoins?
I will be releasing ebook about WORKING (with video proof) methods of multiplying bitcoins from bitcoins (babies making babies). If you have a method that works and can make more then 0.01BTC with less than 1h work (or way to automatize it) – write it to me. If your method will be good enouhg to get into the book – you are getting a copy for free. Send your ideas to i[at]kingscrown[dot]me.
If you need to attach video or so – share a link, dont attach it or it will be ignored.


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  1. Make more bitcoins by gambling and trading on 100x leverage, you fucking spastic how is that ever going to work for the average man.

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