February 2016 Report – Best Altcoins and Cryptocurrencies to Buy for Profit

People were asking me all the time for new reports of what altcoins to buy for easy profit with trading. Here is February edition!

What are Best coins to buy with Bitcoin for Profits?
Some of this coins were in reports already – and made you money if you invested. Now some of them have new turn to do so and we have a new ICO/IPO from team that also made you guys money last time.

BTSR BitTeaser – this is divident brang by Obits tokens team. Its a token/currency on Bitshares that gives you shares of “adsense alike” networks profits. They put ads on sites, they get paid – they share it with you. Also this coins will be bought back on the OpenLedger platform so justl iek with Obits – profit can be done in really short time. This is in presale mode now – so cheaper than it will be when normal ICO starts. First you need account on OpenLedger then go to http://btsr.io/ scroll to the very bottom of this crypo page and order yours. In the spot for coupon put freebtsr. If you buy 500 or pay at least 0.1BTC you will get 25 BTSR free. You can sell them on the market with prices bigger.

Rbies Rubies – this coin was developed by BetterBets casino. If you had account in this casino (by listening to my casinos post!) theres chances you already have free Rbies! If not you can get them by playing in the casino (dice, horses, plinko) or by buying at C-CEX. For every 1BTC wagered on the platform you will get 30 free RBiES. You can also bet this coins in their casino. So its actually money making money. Good company with big payments history behind the coin + nice idea sounds like a good investment to me. Go and get some Rubies crypto before price raises as its increasing all the time. Extra tip: if you go to BetterBets casino with this link to create account (if you didnt have one) then after clicking magic wand next to BTC balance – you will be getting 200 satoshi every 3 minutes that you can bet.

SYS Syscoin – old coin that due to Moolah scamming devs had big downtime. Originally started at 300 satoshis then was down for over a year and now they are close of their release of SYS2 and SHADE. The price is already jumping because this guys have huge thing to show. Decentralized goods exchange where even withotu holding SYS you will be able to buy and sell escrowed things with Bitcoin directly. Yet using SYS technology. This decentralized markets seem a really big deal so i suggest to get direction to http://Bittrex.com or other favorite exchange and get some! SYS guys have lost most of their ICO money yet been working free for a year. If they did so – means this gonna be good! And price also keeps raising now.

TX Transfercoin – got to new highs lately of 9000 satoshi on Bittrex. This guys are working on full arbitrage mode (wallet will eb auto buying and selling coins on exchanges for profit), they have full anonimity, working staking PoS wallets and really decent things incoming. TX is the only altcoin with Staking and Masternodes in the same wallet and really loads coming. One of most advanced coins based on DASH, some even call it DASH killer 😉 It was trading at 9000 satoshi lately and seems there was correction. Good moment to get on the train. Trades on Bittrex.com

XVG Verge – DogecoinDark renamed itself to VERGE and price jumped from 6 satoshi to 20. They didnt want to be treated as silly DOGEs “version” since its one of most anonymous coins you can find. VERGE doesnt share IPs of people or nodes (even in logs) and they are working on anonimity in mobile phones too. There is alot of price to raise on this + if you care anonimity their i2p and TOR implementations are perfect. Get some at C-CEX Cryptopia or your favorite exchange as it trades on many.

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