BTC-E under Ddos attack – Some Users Complaing about Extra Spam on Their Emails

BTC-E is an old and really secure exchange. During years of existance it had just 1 hack after which the owners paid all the debt to users. Other than that its known to be #1 spot for Litecoin to USD trades and.. full anonimity of owners.

BTC-E Under DDOS Attack
Lately some exchanges got extorted for paying BTC to not get Ddosed. There is famous case of BTCChina that didnt let hackers get any money for them and just paid to upgrade their protections.
Today since many hours BTC-E was experiencing Ddos.

After some hours users were capable of logging in and even withdrawals of Bitcoin. Those withdrawals were delayed by at least 2 hours but all came to the wallets. After another tweet in russian meaning more or less “everything will be working soon”

The site got down again.

There is no ETA nor public info about it for now.

Was BTC-E Hacked?
As usual in such cases FUD came in. Lots of people started saying BTC-E was actually hacked. Some users who had emails ONLY for BTC-E claim they got today loads of spam on them. Some users claim they got some logins from TOR IPs. Yet to the date nobody could confirm this accusations.
On the other hand many users were capable of withdrawing their BTC/LTC during the time in-between DDOS which suggests there is no issues of this kind on the end of exchange.


* BTC 197arptA1JLA3NvBz5ci2Ddm8ZhuvdEj38
* LTC Lcy9nsfJeSA5Rvu61xiXPKUH1VyV9hwupL

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