Holding BTC, LTC or DOGE since long time? Here is free money for you – CLAMS!

While this sounds like a joke – it is not. There is people who got few BTCs free using this method.

What is CLAMs ?
CLAMS is a cryptocurrency with unique distribution model – they sent 3.1 million CLAMs to random BTC/LTC/DOGE wallets that had any amount before May 2014. Currently each unique CLAM adress is worth aroud 15usd. All you have to do is to get CLAM wallet and put there your LTC/DOGE/BTC wallet.dat file and check how many CLAMS it holds.
If you dont want to waste time moving wallets/installing/downloading blockchain you can use this checker website and paste adresses there, to check if they hold any coins.

How to redeem CLAM cryptoccurency ?
Please be sure to empty & retire your BTC, LTC or DOGE addresses
Check if you own any CLAMcoin on checker website and use them to help you DIG the coins easy and fast.
Or the hard way: Install wallet https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=623147 + Put your Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin wallet.dat instead of theirs in Appdata/Roaming/CLAMS and resend all of those adresses to 1 main one.

How to make money with CLAM ?
Coin is pure PoS so coins you got you can stake and make more of them or you can simple send them to exchange and trade ie https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-CLAM. This is free money you have been sitting on and forgot.. So if you liked this tip do not hesistate to pass me few CLAMs for a beer 😉 – xHoC7cVtmn8eEUCoaVNznMQZNgGjxG5qn2


* BTC 197arptA1JLA3NvBz5ci2Ddm8ZhuvdEj38
* LTC Lcy9nsfJeSA5Rvu61xiXPKUH1VyV9hwupL
* CLAM xHoC7cVtmn8eEUCoaVNznMQZNgGjxG5qn2

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