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Datawallet – Decentralized Data Exchange backed by Tim Draper

If guy who invested in Skype, Tesla and SpaceX decides to get on an ICO, you better not miss it. Meet Datawallet!

The Problem With Sharing Data ?
Currently loads of companies give us free products and services online. And as we know it – nothing is free. When the product is free then.. you are the product. This days we share loads of our private info with companies that then abuse it and making loads of money when we actually get pretty much nothing. When signing to many services you even allow companies to resell your data between each other so in the end for using an email your data is sold to loads of companies and all you get is Ads in email and loads of spam. This startup wants to change it.
Companies called Data Brokers scrape and sell our data without our consent, economically disenfranchising data creators and earning hundreds of billions each year while endangering businesses by flooding them with low quality data.

What is Datawallet ?
Datawallet provides users with a self-sovereign wallet that puts them in charge of their data, and allows them to monetize as well as utilize an asset that is rightfully theirs. SO for example the app can plug into Facebook, Twitter or AirBnb and brans specify what kind of data they want from user to signup and how much they bid for it. Then if user wants he can share the data and get paid and also he sees exactly what kind of data will be extracted from him. No more deals where you leave just name and email but they extract location, cookie, Ip, time and your Operating System for free. You can expect as much as 3-5USD per data sale but depending on niche and product this can go to any numbers. We can imagine 100USD per data on specialized niches.
Datawallet will allow easy trading of data on the transparent and free market.

How to Buy and Use DXT ?
DXT is a native token for the application which stands for Data Exchange Token. Users will be able earn token through expressively sharing their data with select companies or utilize their tokens in order to use pay for AI driven services in the Datawallet App Store. The ICO will be in January but there is no exact date given yet. It is good to subscribe now and get whitelisted to be sure you will be able to participate and invest. They will accept BTC, BCH, ETH currencies.

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