Cardstack ICO

Cardstack ICO – Decentralized Software Ecosystem

This project wants to make blockchain technology usable and scalable that will create a decentralized software ecosystem. Have a look.

What is Cardstack ?
It is a blockchain based decentralized experience layer that makes managing decentralized applications (dApps) easy. Unlike traditional web and mobile applications where data is held in big tech companies, Cardstack makes the user sovereign allowing them to control their experience and data. Cardstack users mix and match features of different dApps giving them ultimate control over the software and services they use without worrying about a mess of separate cloud subscriptions or utility tokens. It is made possible by platforms composable design paradigm, which renders units of information as bite-sized, encapsulated cards, which can be expanded, embedded, attached, chained, triggered, versioned, cloned, approved, rescinded — or saved forever. In a decentralized world, your data should be as networked or as sovereign as you want. Developers can use the Cardstack Framework, a comprehensive SDK, to create powerful, card-based blockchain apps. The ecosystem is governed by smart contracts powered by the Cardstack Token (CARD), an Ethereum-based ERC20 token.

How does Cardstack work ?
Cardstack is a sustainable software ecosystem where a network of smart contracts coordinates users, software developers and miners. Users purchase the native token CARD and pay for software based on usage. Developers are rewarded via the native token CARD based on usage of their application. Miners are rewarded in CARD for their contribution to the network (e.g. validating transactions). The system breaks away from the existing software paradigm where big tech controls your experience and data. Now users can plug in their data at will with different applications. Cardstack is like a super charged Metamask but it is far more than a browser extension. It is a control center that sits on your desktop or homescreen and allows you to control all your dApps without an intermediary. It makes the decentralized web mass market.
Video below explains how it works.

Introducing Cardstack

Who is In The Team ?
Cardstack is led by computer scientists including Founding Director Chris Tse, Co-founder of Monegraph and dotBlockchain Media a veteran in the cryptocurrency industry (Computer Science, Columbia University) and Ed Faulkner, creator of Liquid Fire and core team member of Ember (Computer Science, MIT). Chris and Ed lead over 15 contributors from New York, with a simple and powerful vision. About them we have former: Creative Director (USTA / US Open), Social Editor (Gizmodo Media Group), Interaction Designer (Google), Creative Director (Bustle) and many more. The team looks really solid and skilled.

How to Buy CARD Tokens ?
Cardstack native tokens will be called CARD and will be issues as ERC20 token on ethereum network. You should register by email to website and check their telegram group
They are going to raise $35m (in BTC and Ethereum), with founders funds locked up for over 1 year. The investment from the community will be used for development, day to day operations and marketing of the protocol.
Whitepaper can be found at

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