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Interview with Noel Kim of LiveCoinWatch

HTTP:// is a great resource for checking cryptocurrency prices, market capitalizations, tracking portfolios and more. Read the interview which will tell you more about the project and sad story of their CEO.

Tell us who you are and what you do in LiveCoinWatch?

My name is Noel, and I am one of the co-founders and project manager for Livecoinwatch. I am responsible for setting the product vision and strategy for our project. I love taking an analytical approach to everything I do and use this approach when coming up with ways to improve our site. I am also our marketing manager and am analyzing industry trends and coming up with new and creative solutions to market products and services on our site without it being too overbearing to our users. If you have any inquiries regarding marketing or partnerships with our site I’m the person to reach out to. 

How did you get into Cryptocurrency?

I discovered what BTC was after learning about the darknet, and hearing that people were sending Bitcoin to buy illicit services/products. I was in my sophomore year of high school and couldn’t believe that people were paying $35 for magical internet money. At the time, I dismissed BTC as anything significant. Over a year later, I saw articles of BTC hitting $100, and that’s when the whole idea of cryptocurrencies piqued my interest. 

What was the main reason you decided to create the platform with so many competitors around?

Throughout college, I always was into creating projects, coming up with new ideas, and finding side hustles with the ultimate goal of building a business. I was heavily investing in crypto throughout my time in college and wanted to create a project related to crypto before graduating. 

I was personally a huge fan/user of CoinMarketCap during college and was on the site regularly. When there was increased volatility in the markets, I would be refreshing their page more than I could count. The main reason for creating LiveCoinWatch was to solve this issue as there weren’t that many competitors at the time offering real-time price updates. 

I knew I wouldn’t be able to build it myself, as my coding skills weren’t the best. During my final summer of college, I pitched the idea to many of my friends with many not being interested, but my high school friend Danny (now the co-founder and lead dev) agreed to help create an MVP to see how people would like it. 

I know this is harsh, but I was actually in good contact with the previous CEO of LCW can you speak a bit about what happened to him?

Shortly after we released the beta version of our site, Max(our previous CEO) emailed us about investing and working together. As Danny and I were both college students at the time, we thought it would be best to have someone with more experience to run the business end of things. At the same time, we could focus on the product itself. Max’s dedication to the company and knowledge of the industry, helped us get the funding to develop and release the official version of the site you see today. 

Max was an excellent CEO of our organization and a good friend to all of us. Max led our team in such a way that he exemplified leadership. He was always willing to share his ideas and information and was passionately interested in Crypto and the crypto community. 

Max truly was an inspiration to everyone working on the LCW project. His work-ethic was nothing like I’ve seen before — I contemplated if he was an AI robot once(also was a pro poker player). 

He was a great man who was there for anyone at all times, and would happily give everyone support and guidance based on his experience. My vision was that, with Max, LiveCoinWatch would become one of the biggest platforms in the world — working with him daily truly made me believe this. When he passed, we were all devastated. The emotional impact it had on everyone hit hard — it was just over 12 months ago, and some of us are still recovering. Inevitably, LCW was put on hold at the time, as Max was our primary source of not just finance, but inspiration and drive. It felt like we had to start all over from scratch. 

But we kept Max in our hearts, remembering the lessons we learned from him, and that is what is fueling our drive to succeed with LCW. Everyone and I working on the LCW project have pledged to make one of the best platforms in crypto, and we won’t stop until we’ve achieved Max’s ultimate vision of providing the crypto space with a trusted and reliable source of information. 

How do you measure the liquidity of exchanges?

We measure liquidity by taking order book data from all supported exchanges in terms of the base currency. These values can be seen on the mini depth charts next to each of the markets, on the inner coin pages. We then aggregate all of the values for each exchange on our aggregated depth charts. 

What are your favorite crypto projects, and why?

The first project I felt passionate about was Monero. Having a background in computing security, I am an advocate for privacy. Monero was one of the first fungible and private Cryptocurrency on the market. My old way of thinking was that BTC was not very private; transactions were generally slow and becoming costly. It seemed like BTC was becoming harder to upgrade and add new features making it more resistant to innovations and technologies. Then came Monero, a currency that was private by default, with untraceable transactions, and adaptive block sizes. It also had a unique codebase, and seemed to have features most would want in a permissionless digital currency. The XMR community on Reddit was also one of the best I have seen, and I love how donations from the community fund development. I believed that XMR was a better version of BTC. However, I have since changed my thoughts on BTC as I see the different utility of both currencies and the various niches they fill. 

Currently, I am accumulating Ethereum, as the Ethereum economy is resembling and operates like a tech tree. With the emergence of new technologies like the ERC20 protocol and tools like Uniswap, decentralized finance is gaining steam and is here to stay. 

Other projects that I enjoyed are ones that we have partnered with through our site. Projects such as BAT and XRP have helped our site stay afloat with their tipping systems, and I encourage all users to check out Brave browser, and Coil. 

Bitcoin halving is coming do you have any predictions on the price before or after it?

Before the halving, I think we’re going to see huge volatility. In my opinion,(unless BTC’s price increases significantly), many miners will be forced to shut their operations post halving — as it’ll become way less lucrative. However, over the next five years, the sky is the limit for BTC, especially in light of current events (economic downturns, limitless QE, etc.). So in the short-term, it will most likely have a negative impact, whereas the long-term potential is massive. 

Anything else you want to tell our readers?

We’d love to hear what your readers think about LCW. We’re dedicated to being a 100% honest and transparent platform that people can trust while providing a smooth, real-time user experience for both novices and seasoned HODLers. If people want to reach out to us, we’re super active on Twitter — we listen to everyone’s feedback and use it to try to build a site that serves the entire crypto community. People can come and join us @livecoinwatch 

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