GridSeed G-Blade vs GAWMiners Cloud Hosting Comparision and Review

Currently Gridseed machines are the top ones for scrypt, since they are available and work great. Since my review and setup guide for gridseed dual miners we now have better version and we have hosted version from official Gridseed reseller – GAW Miners. So lets compare this two options.

Gridseed G-blade Miner (80 chip)

So here we should compare it to dual miners from previosu review. 10 dual miners + 2 PSUs = 3,8mhs. G-blade + 1 PSU – over 5mhs. Price speaks the same – speaking shortly to get 5mhs+ for scrypt the cheapest way is trought this LTC mining machine – nothing to add here. Takes less place, less PSUs needed, no need for USB Hub.. Mainly – no way its worth to buy Duals right now. Installation is same as for duals with same gridseed version that i`ve listed there so to not quote myself without reason – if you need help setting G-blade miner read this guide.
Since its just 1 machine now, there is less freezes because less things may fail. I mainly love it, the G-Blade miner from Gridseed runs few days here withotu single problem or restart needs.
G-Blade Miner Setup and Review

Gridseed G-blade Miner (80 chip)

Okay so you can buy G-Blade at GAWMiners 2 ways – delivered to your home or.. hosted in their cloud. Pros of getting your own miner – its yours, you have it.. but mainly you need to pay electricity, be sure it works, take care of freezes. While with hosting version all of this you dont care. You simple choose pool to mine [or few in failover mode] and it just works – when you need to change pool, you enter panel and switch it. Simple as that. For all downtimes they give you compensations. So why did i buy the machine? There is a catch – im one of rare people [really rare out of what i see] that use API. Im one of this lazy guys who dont want to logi nanywhere [even if it takes a second] to switch, i like my APIs [thats why i hate BAMT due to its API issues – but thats other thing]. So imo getting hosted version of G-Blade from GAWMiners is a no brainer if you dont need API – of course as long as you trust this company. But there is no reason too – they are transparent with their money, have good team and even started producting own scrypt miners now.
gawminers hosted scrypt cloud review

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3 thoughts on “GridSeed G-Blade vs GAWMiners Cloud Hosting Comparision and Review”

  1. man you are awesome thats the stuff i need i also have ablade miner but not much in the way of help from gaw with the thing i even had to send the first one back because they didn’t set it up right the the first place or it was broken when they sent it but hey buddy could you please tell me how to save the pools i have in ther now they won’t tell me how to fix this thing up they say they don’t support over volting bla bla bla it’s my machine if i ruin it it’s mine to ruin i coildn’t blame them for my doings please reply my e-mail thanks man keep up the good posts tho anyway i’ll be following your blogs

  2. Gawminers seems to be pretty shady.

    I had a bad experience with one of their products, which isn’t that big of a deal.

    Stuff happens.

    What makes them scum bags, is that when I left a negative review, they deleted it.

    I reposted it over 10 times, every time it was deleted within a few hours.

    All the positive reviews that were there before I posted, are still there today.

    Now they hold all reviews for staff approval.

    Shady shady business practices.

    For all we know, their products could have an 80% failure rate, but we would never know, if they deleted 80% of their reviews.

    Just my 2 cents

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