June 2014 Report – Best Altcoins and Cryptocoins to Mine and Invest In Right Now

People asked me for my suggestions on what to buy/mine now – so i think those posts in past were preety popular. Okay since there was some new great launches lately – lets hit it.

LGD Legendary Coin – its scrypt, can be mined with KNC or GAW things and.. i know for a fact it will raise within few days. Trades on Cryptsy already and on Bittrex
PURE PureCoin – uses lately popular x11 algo [for GPUs], and they will let you get prepaid Visa cards with this coins. Definately worth checking. Trades on Bittrex
CURE CureCoin – this is something ive been waitign for. Instead of mining this and wasting electricity you are actually helping BOINC project with your CPU power to do cancer research. This coin is worth investing totally and worth mining too. Trades on Bittrex
DVK DvoraKoin – allows 3 algos sha256 [of bitcoin], scrypt [like litecoin] and groestl. This is innoviative [rememer i wrote o MYR once too!]. It also has random reward for mining – should be totally watched.
NLG Gulden Coin – national coins [liek famous AUR or MZC] but.. this time done right! They really find merchants in Holland, the coin is really well developed. IMO sure raise in price and if you are going to The Netherlands – you can actually buy some stuff with it! Scrypt, so not hard to mine.
SIS Siamese Coin – x11, no premine, no ipo and.. airsrop to Isle of Man that accepted BTC. Sure bet to raise.
JPC JackPot Coin – new algo, unique idea that every time you mine its like trying to hit lotto/jackpot. Trades on CryptoFunds and Bittrex

PS. If you are on mailing list but didnt get newseltter on Gmail – check spamfolder and whitelist the news@fuk.io domain/adress, i heard some people got messages to spam folder.

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* LTC – LfAurHeUMMDkJHmhdYdyPN5z7DYYekykuK
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* DRK – Xt2hjWK3NZsMtcWvCqMj7diNS3sf7x4yX3
* LGD – LNvP7zm4w45tVkWWpsyhSao3k9JPcMPmAe
* DVK – DRz1pX3KJv2Sf2ZmJ61eF6EU1me1hDbVbo
* CURE – B5o2YCPdJuT6666hpNeW3iqeyoTzDdTU11
* PURE – LQdzrLCKzG4RmF5suhqUg8jjxa9EH3k48D
* NLG – GQtWjraNaZm2pd7HiYYtJDoXaG6VquihnB
* JPC – JVVjYrs7GUwxsECqvZyDn1HoJP2vxwQimq
* XLB – LNJwfgZgCJPHLJ6Evx4Wb4AS2WwqaspzPc

Edit Update:
24h from my post 2 coins jumped by 50-100%:
libertycoin jackpotcoin pump
72h later LGD jumped by almost 300%+:
legendarycoin prediction cryptsy

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3 thoughts on “June 2014 Report – Best Altcoins and Cryptocoins to Mine and Invest In Right Now”

  1. JPC JackPot Coin is already on Bittrex and Swisscex! 🙂 And we will be on MintPal shortly… Please correct the post 🙂

  2. And you recommend a proven scam like XLB to your readers? Without telling them all the information readily available on it and it’s scammer devs, Templar77 and loljosh?

    You are going to gain a lot of credibility indeed…

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