OKEx promotion to grab FREE bitcoin

OKEx is one of the oldest and most secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Right now we have a special offer where pretty much for no work you can grab some free bitcoin and another cryptocurrency.

How much can you make?

Up to 200USD worth of cryptocurrency with some easy tasks and remember in 2010.. BTC was worth nothing, now getting free 10-200USD can be a life-changer in few years. Do not skip such actions and opportunities.

How to join and what to do? 

Use this link and only this link to register (a button inside of website) – https://www.okex.com/promotion/DUWGDD

Then by following few steps you will grab free crypto up to 200 USD worth. This is not a usual offer, its special for readers of the blog.

Just a few mentions:

  • Trade ≥ $100 Spot, you will get $10. So ie buy 50 USD of any coin, sell right away same amount – cash made.
  • Buy ≥ $100 worth of any crypto through OKEx “Buy/Sell”, you will get $10 Bonus in BTC. So ie buy 100 USD of any coin, sell right away )then you fix point 1 too) – you got 20 USD free.
  • Few more there, read on site up to 200 USD to be made.

Try this exclusive promotion to get free bitcoin cryptocurrency from OKEx – CLICK HERE.


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