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Bitmex goes into full verification, Bybit gives mad promotion

Bitmex is the most used anonymous leveraged exchange, yet now Bybit may take its spot.

Bitmex will verify IDs of users

The main thing Bitmex had was anonymous usage, of course they did ban USA but loads of people used the place with VPNs and i assume this may be the reason.

We require all traders to verify their identity. After submission, processing typically takes less than 24 hours.Access to our services may be restricted in respect of users in or from any “Restricted Jurisdiction” under our Terms of Service.We reserve the right to close the account(s) and liquidate any position(s) of users we determine have breached those terms

So at this points loads of people will have to quit the place i suggest to withdraw ASAP. Due to this we had to remove Bitmex from list of no KYC AML verification needed exchanges.

ByBit Adds Superb Promotion

Yet of course Bitmex has competitors that have less issues ie no freezing of markets on big price movings and one of them is ByBit which made exclusive deal for our readers. USE THIS LINK TO REGISTER and you will get 20% trading fee discount.

Almost none platform gives such low fees plus they have BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS perpetual markets for trading cryptocurrency and up to x100 leverage. You can also buy there crypto using FIAT and bank account or buy bitcoin with Visa Mastercard credit cards.

They have insurance fund and loads of options you have not seen on other spots. Try those guys, we trade on Bybit ourselves.




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