Binance will not buy FTX – Save some of money post-mortem

This is no a financial advise just some ideas on how you can save/make some money on if you lost on the FTX exchange insolvency aka lack of funds.


Withdrawal from exchanges

If you think or have any concern of some exchange – withdrawal. Its sure that with FTX going down there will be companies or exchanges going down who used to lend to them or share liquidity. Hard to say which but withdrawal from those you can expect. For now i keep trading on Bybit and Binance as those cannot be in loans with FTX. Dont have acc there? Make with these links, will give you some bonuses.

Sell Solana

Solana is connected to FTX and Alameda. Looks it will dump a lot on this. Of course consider to buy it back later cheap. Not advice it may go to 0 also on this scam dump. Holding to SOL seems not safe thought, do your own research.

Grab free BTC

For start register to this 4-5 years old site, every hour they give you free BTC since years.

This is a centralized exchanged but they pay BTC just for using them every second and we had never issues – Ascendex Literally trade there and you min BTC, while you have tasks to make even more.

Watch for TRON

TRON CEO said he will pay back to users of FTX that had his blockchain coins. If you have access to FTX it MAY be a good idea to change tokens to TRON ones.








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