Binance Stays Solvent? Other Places to Join.

We have said even in Tweet that we keep money on Binance since they are secure when everyone was afraid –

So since you know it should be secure to keep funds there, here is few other places that also look good and pay APY – not just exchanges.

Exchanges similar to Binance with trust

Ascendex – used to be known as Bitmax. Pays you satoshi every second just for using it. Has loads of pairs and bonuses for deposits. Owns token ASD.

Bybit – these guys beat BITMEX and others, really good spot many people say as secure as Binance. Owns token BIT.

KuCoin – looks almost same as Binance, but has different pairs and for holind their token you get free coins every month. Owns token KCS.

Places to get BTC for free.

Freebitcoin – you can deposit there BTC or get some free every hour. Not scam, works since years. I got there over 0.5 BTC so far.

Cointiply – many games to get free BTC, works since years, never had issue to get paid.






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